Judge Mark Fuller

alabama federal judge mark fuller beats women and we pay him 200k a year for life

KARMA has caught up with the scumbag judge Mark Fuller, fact is he has a history of problems and has victimized people but their cries went unheard. Police don’t investigate crimes by judges when the normal citizen reports them. Even when hundreds of people report them. Why would police want to unset the apple cart and arrest a judge who they need to help them?

The media needs to expose what’s really going on in America, we have dishonest police working with dishonest judges while the good judges and police do nothing and remain silent.

The Case for Impeaching Federal Judge Mark Fuller
Mark Everett Fuller, Judge Not … Has a history of crime

What should worry every American is how easy it is for criminals, bullies, liars and dishonest people to become a judge. Oaths mean nothing to psychopaths and liars which is how these people get onto the bench. The fact is getting them off the bench can be near impossible and they know it. There is no accountability or transparency and more often than less they are immune to prosecution. We must change this and demand immunity and all protection is removed from any and all judges who lie, abuse rights and fail to obey law. They should receive the harassed punishment and be judged by the public not other judges. We have to set an example and can’t count on an American bar which is made up of nothing but more judges and lawyers, many who are biased friends of these monsters and criminals.

Saturday, August 9, 2014 Judge Mark Fuller was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery for domestic violence involving his wife, following her allegation that he was having an affair with a law clerk employee. Fuller was jailed overnight following his arrest. If this were anyone else you’d still be sitting in jail and lose your life savings.

These are criminals no doubt about it, however the real problem is their often held above the law. Which is exactly why they do what they do, they have no fear.

According to the police report, an argument at a Ritz Carlton hotel between the judge Mark Fuller and his wife turned into a physical fight, which resulted in his wife sustaining visible injuries.

Each side blames the other, but the evidence shows that Judge Mark Fuller was to blame.  His wife was covered in cuts and bruises and there was blood all over the room, but Judge Mark Fuller claims he was the one who was attacked, and he was only defending himself.

Police were called because the woman dialed 911 crying and telling the operator that Judge Mark Fuller was beating her.

Judge Mark Fuller’s 17-year-old son was at the hotel when the beating occurred, and confirmed his mother’s story, telling police this was not the first time that Judge Mark Fuller beat his wife.

Judge Mark Fuller Arrested For Domestic Violence Will Keep $200,000 Per Year Salary
Arrested US judge Mark Fuller embarrassed, entering treatment program
Federal Judge Mark Fuller Beat His Wife
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