Judge Mark Ciavarella

mark ciavarella
Judge Mark Ciavarella

People need to start opening their eyes to the fact that JUDGES are quickly becoming the new terrorist in America. Judges have power and influence that is rarely questioned or investigated. What happens is dishonest lawyers are offered roles of power. A seat on the bench to wear a black robe of shame. They quickly find that via lies and ignoring crime they can become rich. Pride, integrity and respect are ignored. Even the American Constitution and our civil rights are ignored and forgotten in a court ruled by a judge

Corrupt ‘Kids for Cash’ judge ruined more than 2,000 lives

If you don’t know how a judge can destroy an innocent persons life view this video

If you think lawyers don’t lie and get away with murder and crime then view the following video. These judges are nothing more than scum and con-artists who lie and cheat innocent people. Once caught or exposed they go on to lie and take advantage of the system to avoid punishment

Notice how the lawyer in the above video lies and below we see the truth. Lawyers “which sounds so similar to the word “liars” lack ethics, respect and control in America. The American Legal bar is a joke, made up by lawyers who are often friends of those accused they never prosecute or serve the public.

Mark Ciavarella Jr., Judge, Gets 28 Years In ‘Kids For Cash’ Case

 Until we start holding government and management personally responsible for allowing criminals like Mark Ciavarella. Over the years lawyers and judges have gotten away with murder, crime and even abuse. This has gotten so bad that its now common.

Judge in “kids for cash” ruled liable for damage