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Ken Hoesch
One of the Biggest Scumbags on Earth
How Social Paths get into positions of power

Kenneth Hoesch was an attorney who stole from his clients and preyed on seniors. His prosecution and sentence show justice will be served on those who do so whether that person uses a gun and a mask or a pen and a legal pad. Both harm society

Kenneth Hoesch “License REVOKED

Rip-Off Alert: Lawyer embezzles estate of leukemia victim

Former Zeeland attorney Ken Hoesch sentenced for fraud, tax violation

Supporters of former Zeeland attorney ask for leniency in $800,000 fraud

I-Team 10 Consumer Alert: Looting the estate

Chairman says Zeeland council ‘micro-managing

Former Zeeland attorney to plead in $900,000 scheme targeting clients’ funds


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