Time for Everyone to Take a Stand Because Government has failed us all

The Authority figure as we know it today Police and Judges has failed us. The problem is the people who are getting the badges and black robes are not honest nor are they ethical. The fact is a badge or a black robe has become a license to steal, cheat, abuse and even murder with impunity

Want an example of how judges do this read the article below:
In the past dozen years, state and local judges have repeatedly escaped public accountability for misdeeds that have victimized thousands. Nine of 10 kept their jobs, a Reuters investigation found – including an Alabama judge who unlawfully jailed hundreds of poor people, many of them Black, over traffic fines.
Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench

Every day hundreds of police are video taped committing crimes, abuse and even murder. The real problem are the courts, unions, prosecutors and judges. There is not accountability. Most events are never reported and nothing becomes of them

Who Will Hold the Police Accountable?
I was beaten by the police for no reason. Now the Supreme Court should give me justice.

police abuse people for being abused


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