Caught killing and planting evidence on video South Carolina cop Michael Slager

North Charleston police officer Michael Slager deserves death is a killer cop and criminal

Michael Slager seeking to overturn sentence in fatal shooting of Walter Scott citing ineffectiveness of lawyers

Former North Charleston police officer convicted in connection to a fatal shooting of a man is seeking to overturn his sentence and conviction claiming his lawyers were ineffective during certain portions of his trial.

According to court documents, Michael Slager filed a motion to vacate his conviction and sentence he received involving the fatal April 2015 shooting of Walter Scott which was captured on video.

The former police officer pleaded guilty to the federal charge of violating Scott’s civil rights and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Last summer, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it would not hear his case after Slager’s lawyers submitted a petition.

Slager’s motion to vacate his sentence, which was filed on Wednesday, lists a number of reasons why he believes his conviction should be overturned which center around his claim that his lawyers were ineffective.

Specifically, Slager says his counsel were “constitutionally ineffective” when it came to plea negotiations and advising him on the terms which he should plead guilty.

“Counsel failed to meaningfully pursue a 11(c)(1)(c) plea agreement with the Government, relied on out-of-court ex-parte statements by the sentencing Judge to reject/terminate potentially fruitful and favorable plea negotiations, and advised the Defendant to decline further pursuit of a negotiated plea agreement,” Slager said in the motion.

According to Slager, his lawyers were also ineffective at sentencing by failing to present critical witness testimony including expert testimony regarding the use-of-force and other witnesses who who were available to the defense but not presented at sentencing.


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