Pennsylvania Police

pennsylvania state police brutally beat robert leone 11 hours

What police beatings prove is we’ve allowed the wrong people to become Police officers in America. PEACE OFFICERS are in fact that, hired to keep the peace. To serve and protect as stated on some police vehicles. Of the last decade thousands of people have been shot to death, beat to death, raped and even murdered by people with peace officer status. Since when does becoming law ENFORCEMENT a license to kill and commit crime? Did you know some police agencies hire people without proper testing or back grounds? Some even higher people as long as they’ve seen battle. Do we need people who are trained to KILL OR PROTECT?

Fact is the corruption and violation of all our rights is even worse. Our courts are infected with judges who are committing crimes, stealing and abusing seniors and the disabled. Like Police officers they are protected from prosecution by immunity laws. Laws that should be REVOKED if the officer or judge is found to have broken the law or committed any crime. IMMUNITY

Lawsuit and Story

The Robert Leone story


You really need to see and hear the video to understand the thugs and unprofessional acts committed by the Police. The fact that government came to the aide of the criminals who almost killed this man instead of fixing the problem and prosecuting the real criminals. The court system, jail and police department worked together to hide evidence, railroad a the many and even trump up charges and problems to keep this man from stopping the crime. Talk about whistle-blower abuse. READ MORE

One of the worst cases of ABUSE OF POWER is the Robert Leone case

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