Utah Police

west valley city utah police shoot to death danielle 21 willard

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, We’re giving guns and authority to the wrong people in America. People who shoot first then ask questions, people who shoot unarmed innocent people. Police who hide behind big guns and shoot the first chance they get. Its their being afraid and preferring to shoot instead of being responsible. This story MUST be in every news channel and front page of the newspaper. Why is it being hidden from the public.

Danielle Willard, 21, was shot and killed by West Valley City police detectives during an investigation at an apartment complex

Danielle Willard’s parents file lawsuit against West Valley City
Federal court » Lawsuit calls woman’s Nov. 2 death “unjustified and senseless … murder.”

PLEASE SHARE WITH AT LEAST 5 FRIENDS, We must ensure that every person who’s given a gun and authority is totally capable and mentally fit to have those powers.

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