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Dashcam shows cops fighting – Bergen County Police vs NJ State. This video provides America with the evidence as to what kind of people we’re giving guns and badges to. While one officer is no better than the other, the unprofessional language and actions speak loud and clear. The fact that the name of the problem trooper was redacted shows total guilt by the department. Body language also tells the public about the mentally unstable officer. Its not about being careful or cautious its about HOW he did this, the instant anger, abusive language and then not being able to back down after he was found to be wrong about his suspicions. Attitude, Ego and quick to anger are ingredients for disaster.

Bergen County police officers were disciplined following confrontation with state trooper
The two Bergen County Police Department officers who were caught on video having a heated argument with a state trooper in May were disciplined following the incident.

“In an email sent to earlier today, Bergen County Police Chief Brian Higgins indicating he found no fault with any of the parties involved, saying “each was doing his job.”

If the use of language and posturing is NORMAL then we would expect a response such as above, however the Chief seems to miss the entire point of the public being in danger having officers with such short fuses being in possession of firearms. The American public deserves a higher quality officer and attitude without the major ego issues. The response by the chief shows how the problem ultimately is at the top of the food chain.  There was an obvious Ego battle battle going on which quickly got out of control, at what point do we have to get involved, when one officer fires a weapon?

Now visit this link and read what actual officers think about the situation, naturally they take a different approach New Jersey Lawmen

This brings up another issue which is privacy, if the public has no right to privacy than why do these officers have that right?

“The Attorney Generals Guidelines on Internal Affairs investigations does not allow us to make that information public,”

This needs to be changed and the public who pay these officers have the right to know what is done for their money. The officers and the department have no right to do this, in fact its only a way to cover up a crime and pretend to punish when in fact we’ll never know the truth. This is a public service not a top secret clearance agency.

Another issue to point out is the so called “unmarked police vehicle” had obvious flashing strobe and police lighting which can be seen during the entire
video. The officer should have called in and checked the license plate prior to
acting. Now think about this, if a police officer does not trust the unmarked police vehicle WHY should any citizen stop for one? Are citizens suppose to take chances even with their own firearm? Its this two sided thinking, double standards and lack of respect for the public which has destroyed the public’s image of police in general.

On another note the story below brings up more problems
Traffic stop sparks squabble between Bergen County police agencies

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