PUBLIC ALERT Los Angeles Superior Court the Most Corrupt Court System in The Nation

Public Alert Los Angeles Superior Court the Most Corrupt Court System in The Nation

1980 I graduated from the Police academy at the top of my class. Little did I know at the time I was becoming part of the most corrupt government in the nation. 2006 My mother was conserved against her wishes by her own child Sylvia Schmidt of San Diego County.

Sylvia was always about money and an obvious sociopath. I never understood her but via all her hate and coldness I knew down deep she was very different. A cold, calculating, con-artist who honed her skills working for years as a head hunter convincing people to leave good paying companies for positions in other firms, something she was good at and well paid. Sylvia was not happy with her first husband Ralph Velasco of Glendale CA a hard working , catholic man who loved her deeply even with her faults. Sylvia had an affair with her current husband Gary A. Schmidt (worked as a corporate presentation coach) while his wife was in the hospital with his first child Halley Schmidt.

Sylvia having committed adultery demanded a divorce and took Ralph to the cleaners even though it was she who caused the split and was at fault. Sylvia had a long history of going to court from suing an employer via Gloria Allred to petty real estate lawsuits.

Around 2000 our father Franz L. Gettinger passed away and Sylvia was disinherited for being estranged from him for over 35 years. This set off a hate and vendetta against myself by Sylvia because she didn’t want to accept her own actions had caused her to be disinherited. It was easier to tell herself I had been the one responsible for her loss.

I never knew how easy it would be for two people, a few lawyers and the Los Angeles Superior court to take control of the estate of an 80 year old woman who was still working, driving and living on her own at the time.

I had been the sole person to take care of our mother till I was 41 years old and got married. I married a Latino woman. My mother was not happy and since I was the last male figure in her life she looked at my wife as the enemy. She did many under the table things trying to destroy my relationship. It came to the point she insulted me and my wife forcing me to leave her home to live somewhere else with my wife. The timing and split was a perfect moment for Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt to get involve and twist the stories to their favor with lies and manipulations. Sylvia thanked me for being there where she was never for so many years and said it was her turn. I never expect someone in the family to do what she was about to do so I believed the many lies she told until I found out she had started a conservatorship behind my back.

Perjury and fraud is far too easy, even after burglarizing Gertrude’s home while she was at work and obtaining banking documents and statements, home deed, address book, home and car keys, credit cards and cash was too easy. Oh yes Gertrude contacted the LAPD and filed a report having seen Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt leaving her home around the time the items went missing.

With the documentation and personal understanding of her mother’s banking background and logic Sylvia used this knowledge to remove (2) bank accounts valued in over $200k to which she would simply say creditors  trying to collect a small debt by me took the money from Gertrude’s accounts. So Sylvia and her husband Gary A. Schmidt formed a collection agency and removed the funds.

The next step was to shut Gertrude up and stop anyone from believing her claims as to the crimes and perjury Sylvia had committed. It was as simple as locking Gertrude without food in her own home, having stolen all the home and car keys along with her address book Sylvia called anyone and everyone claiming she was trying to help her mother who had gone insane. Sylvia had Gertrude’s phone and utilities turned off, it was easy to all the records. Gertrude told me she thinks she was drugged by Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt. It all looked crazy and due to the lack of nutrients Gertrude’s mental facilities also suffered.

This is the part where Los Angeles County gets involved. APS was contacted by Sylvia via several letters threatening to sue if they did not act that Sylvia’s mother was a threat to herself. APS came and checked on Gertrude, she looked pretty bad so one thing led to another and Gertrude was removed by force from her home of 30 years. Sylvia immediately moved in and stole all her mother’s jewelry, cash and possessions. YES it was that easy, there was never any official court accounting because Sylvia gave the wrong address to the court so the probate department never visited to do an accounting.

Sylvia failed to report the (2) Bank accounts that were missing because she used those funds to buy property in Santa Clara Ca to hide the funds due to tax reporting. I was always in contact with Sylvia although not on  the best of terms. Sylvia fabricated a story claiming I was this terrible person who she had no contact with and had no idea where I was. Sylvia’s lawyer the same one who perjured his Petition Christopher Overgaard of La Canada CA claimed to have hired a Private investigator to search for me. He just used his then legal partner Michael Jay Movius to pretend he contacted an investigator. The entire PI statement in his petition supporting Sylvia become the conservator was all perjured and fraud. The court did not do they’re own investigation as they never investigated any documents or evidence I presented. The probate investigators appeared to do nothing but investigate or downgrade anyone who contests the conservatorship.

There you have it, claim you can’t locate family (when all the time she had contact with me) and claim (with no medical evidence) your mother had a history of mental illness (when she did not) and perjure your petition. The court did not bat an eye and granted the conservatorship to Sylvia. Not too long after the lies ran out Sylvia was feeding me I got a lawyer and got involved. I then learned it’s all about false images and lies plus a court and law enforcement that won’t accept facts or evidence. Instead they rely on false statements of a polished liar and con-artist. 12 years later and $187k in legal fees I became educated at how Los Angeles Superior Court operates. As conservator Sylvia had the right to force heavy duty psychotropic drugs on her mother rendering her helpless and looking mentally ill. Yet it was all a front, the work of a good con-artist and liar who hides behind the false image of the “good daughter helping mama”. While she was doing noting but helping herself to everything her mother ever owned or worked for. Using the the con game of bate and switch  to get the court to do as she wished was too easy.

There are supposed to be rules and code that protects the public, the problem is none of those rules or codes are ever respected or enforced. As an example Sylvia was given control of over two million dollars in bank accounts (not a penny ever went into a blocked account). It was as simple as filing a petition that the bank would not block the funds, so the court never enforced anything. Instead expensive bonds were used which were billed to Gertrude. The Lawyers who managed those bonds were notified about the perjury and fraud but  ignored it because they want the profit from the bonds. Gertrude’s personal mail had been forwarded even before she was conserved (a crime itself) right after Sylvia burglarized Gertrude’s home. Gertrude never got legal paperwork or notices, was never allowed to appear in court (even though she wanted to).

The county forced their own lawyer PVP Violent Boskovich on Gertrude, why did she not do anything you ask? What you need to understand is the moment a conservatorship begins the victim loses all rights over her own life and estate. The Consevator gets control of everything, all the funds and assets. So you know who writes the checks? Sylvia Schmidt and Violet Boskovich now kisses her ass to keep this fraudulent scam going because if Sylvia is exposed the gravy train stops and so does the $250 an hour Boskovich bills. I presented the missing checking account numbers to Boskovich to which she responded “How am I to know where those accounts went?”. When all the time she had the legal powers to get those statements but pretended not to care nor did it matter. Why not look into $200k in missing funds belonging to her client?

The sheer ignorance of the judges and the vast number of victims (when you look for them) I ran into was unbelievable.  The reluctance of the Probate department to investigate any evidence or documentation I presented in (3) separate petitions and six accounting’s exposing Sylvia’s crimes, fraud and perjury. The first judge did nothing, but the worst judge Candace J. Beason a well known problematic judge ignored everything, played Stupid. I have a feeling when I exposed Christopher Overgaard’s perjury and fraud Sylvia lawyer-ed up from a $250 and hour lawyer to a $350 president of the Pasadena bar Philip Barbaro Jr. Barbaro who was in fact connected I later found. I found You tube videos of Barbaro and Beason dancing at a Judges party. Plus victims came to me claiming Barbaro had connections to another dishonest Judge Aviva K. Bobb who retired early when exposed by a Los Angeles Times story exposing Guardianship fraud. The volumes of evidence that came to me went on and on but none of it seemed to matter no one listened.

The problems victims have like myself is the “rubber stamping of anything the criminals do”, the reluctance to act or uphold code or law, ignoring perjury, fraud and even two bank account numbers plus cashed checks that were never reported to the probate department. How can this all be? How can the LAPD Elder abuse division do nothing after a report was filed? They quickly gave up after speaking to the lawyers who ignored the crimes or perjury.  I reported the abuse Gertrude shared with me to APS, Omsbudsmen and the county but no one acted or batted an eye.

It was too easy for Sylvia Schmidt and her lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. to write a letter without court approval banning me from visiting my mother. The home threatened to call the police on me. This was all done when I began documenting statements with witnesses and letters hand written by Gertrude all presented to the court but once again ignored..

It’s too easy, everyone should be concerned as what happened to me happens all over America on a daily basis. Judges don’t do their job and turn a cheek to crime, elder abuse, fraud and perjury. People go to court for one reason, that’s justice and when a dishonorable judge gets involved it becomes greed and money. Judge Candace J. Beason was reported to the Commission on Judicial Performance – State of California with the same results as most complaints logged, nothing is don. Judges are in fact immune and above the law, Lawyers to some extend are as well. The courts are used on a regular basis to lie, cheat, steal, rob or “Isolate, Medicate and Liquidate the elderly“. They don’t follow law, they don’t respect the codes or rules and worst of all they just ignore anything that gets in their way. After ignoring crime, fraud or perjury the next goal is drag it out (creating legal fees) and wait for the Statute of Limitations to take effect.

The crimes and abuse of Conservatorship fraud go on, 2012 (6 years after it all started) Gary A. Schmidt (husband of Sylvia Schmidt) an investment advisor starts San Marino Wealth Management. During a mediation between me and Sylvia back in 2009 Sylvia told me Gary A. Schmidt who she feels is a financial genius would be investing our mothers estate, even if its against the law. The court is too ignorant to find out where $2 million dollars in funds (about the same amount that totals Gertrude Gettinger’s bank assets) are. While against the law the court never investigates or even knows where the funds are, (they take Sylvia’s word for it and any false paperwork she presents) they blindly accept anything  from the  person who perjured her petition and failed to report (stolen) over $200k in bank accounts. This is how Los Angeles Superior court operates everyday putting the elderly at risk creating a billion dollar scam industry build and run by dishonest lawyers and judges. It’s been going on for decades, with the addition of social media it’s slowly surfacing and getting public attention.  The modern day Holocaust that stripes veterans and hard working folks who worked their entire lives saving for retirement and those golden years only to lose control of their lives and life savings.
MY full case and info can be found here

It’s not just Probate court, dishonest judges and lawyers have taken over Family courts pitting husband and wife against each other with the sole intention of huge legal fees. Destroying families and robbing parents of their rights to their own children.

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Janet Phelan and Richard Fine exposed how judges of Los Angeles Superior Court are being bribed. It’s not just Los Angeles but every county in California. The worst problem judges are sent to Probate because it’s too easy to do this to the defenseless, weak and vulnerable elderly. Imagine the scum that does this, their the lowest form of excrement in the world. The judges and lawyers turn a cheek and never even see the victims and how their abused and drugged to the point of death.

If you’re a victim you can research your judge to find out if their accepting bribes HERE

Think there’s not corruption in Los Angeles Superior Court, think again, hundreds of stories and documented cases of dishonesty among judges (most victims report the judges) but the CJP ignores most complaints and typically buries them. The fact remains the county is bribing their own judges with tax payer money to rule against you should you go to court. Check out the videos from Richard Fine below.

The other big Elephant in the room is the Evil Triangle of the Courts. Police never act when a crime’s committed in a courtroom and courts never act when police commit crimes. Look at the top Los Angeles Country Cop Sheriff Lee Baca

JUDGES and LAWYERS do this to movie stars and veterans who fought for these same low life judges and lawyers freedoms


The Unforgivable Truth

CNN: Rooney: I suffered from elder abuse

A judge explains our broken Legal System best


Pennsylvania Court Watch

“The once honorable profession of law now fully functions as a bottom-line business, driven by greed and the pursuit of power and wealth, even shaping the laws of the United States outside the elected Congress and state legislatures.”

Justice John F. Molloy
When I began practicing law in 1946, justice was much simpler. I joined a small Tucson practice at a salary of $250 a month, excellent compensation for a beginning lawyer. There was no paralegal staff or expensive artwork on the walls. In those days, the judicial system was straightforward and efficient. Decisions were handed down by judges who applied the law as outlined by the Constitution and state legislatures. Cases went to trial in a month or two, not years. In the courtroom, the focus was on uncovering and determining truth and fact.

I charged clients by what I was able to accomplish for them. The clock did not start ticking the minute they walked through the door.

Looking back
The legal profession has evolved dramatically during my 87 years. I am a second-generation lawyer from an Irish immigrant family that settled in Yuma. My father, who passed the Bar with a fifth-grade education, ended up arguing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court during his career.

The law changed dramatically during my years in the profession. For example, when I accepted my first appointment as a Pima County judge in 1957, I saw that lawyers expected me to act more as a referee than a judge. The county court I presided over resembled a gladiator arena, with dueling lawyers jockeying for points and one-upping each other with calculated and ingenuous briefs

That was just the beginning. By the time I ended my 50-year career as a trial attorney, judge and president of southern Arizona’s largest law firm, I no longer had confidence in the legal fraternity I had participated in and, yes, profited from.

I was the ultimate insider, but as I looked back, I felt I had to write a book about serious issues in the legal profession and the implications for clients and society as a whole. The Fraternity: Lawyers and Judges in Collusion was 10 years in the making and has become my call to action for legal reform.

Disturbing evolution
Our Constitution intended that only elected lawmakers be permitted to create law. Yet judges create their own law in the judicial system based on their own opinions and rulings. It’s called case law, and it is churned out daily through the rulings of judges. When a judge hands down a ruling and that ruling survives appeal with the next tier of judges, it then becomes case law, or legal precedent. This now happens so consistently that we’ve become more subject to the case rulings of judges rather than to laws made by the lawmaking bodies outlined in our Constitution.

This case-law system is a constitutional nightmare because it continuously modifies constitutional intent. For lawyers, however, it creates endless business opportunities. That’s because case law is technically complicated and requires a lawyer’s expertise to guide and move you through the system. The judicial system may begin with enacted laws, but the variations that result from a judge’s application of case law all too often change the ultimate meaning

Lawyer domination
When a lawyer puts on a robe and takes the bench, he or she is called a judge. But in reality, when judges look down from the bench they are lawyers looking upon fellow members of their fraternity. In any other area of the free-enterprise system, this would be seen as a conflict of interest.

When a lawyer takes an oath as a judge, it merely enhances the ruling class of lawyers and judges. First of all, in Maricopa and Pima counties, judges are not elected but nominated by committees of lawyers, along with concerned citizens. How can they be expected not to be beholden to those who elevated them to the bench?

When they leave the bench, many return to large and successful law firms that leverage their names and relationships.

Business of law
The concept of “time” has been converted into enormous revenue for lawyers. The profession has adopted elaborate systems where clients are billed for a lawyer’s time in six-minute increments. The paralegal profession is another brainchild of the fraternity, created as an additional tracking and revenue center. High powered firms have departmentalized their services into separate profit centers for probate and trusts, trial, commercial, and so forth.

The once-honorable profession of law now fully functions as a bottom-line business, driven by greed and the pursuit of power and wealth, even shaping the laws of the United States outside the elected Congress and state legislatures.

Bureaucratic design
Today the skill and gamesmanship of lawyers, not the truth, often determine the outcome of a case. And we lawyers love it. All the tools are there to obscure and confound. The system’s process of discovery and the exclusionary rule often work to keep vital information off-limits to jurors and make cases so convoluted and complex that only lawyers and judges understand them.

The net effect has been to increase our need for lawyers, create more work for them, clog the courts and ensure that most cases never go to trial and are, instead, plea-bargained and compromised. All the while the clock is ticking, and the monster is being fed.

The sullying of American law has resulted in a fountain of money for law professionals while the common people, who are increasingly affected by lawyer-driven changes and an expensive, self-serving bureaucracy, are left confused and ill-served. Today, it is estimated that 70 percent of low-to-middle-income citizens can no longer afford the cost of justice in America. What would our Founding Fathers think?

This devolution of lawmaking by the judiciary has been subtle, taking place incrementally over decades. But today, it’s engrained in our legal system, and few even question it. But the result is clear. Individuals can no longer participate in the legal system.

It has become too complex and too expensive, all the while feeding our dependency on lawyers. By complicating the law, lawyers have achieved the ultimate job security. Gone are the days when American courts functioned to serve justice simply and swiftly. It is estimated that 95 million legal actions now pass through the courts annually, and the time and expense for a plaintiff or defendant in our legal system can be absolutely overwhelming.

Surely it’s time to question what has happened to our justice system and to wonder if it is possible to return to a system that truly does protect us from wrongs.

A lawyer from Tuscon, Arizona, John Fitzgerald Molloy (b. 1917) was elected to the Superior Court bench where he served for seven years as both a juvenile court and trial bench judge. He subsequently was elected to the Court of Appeals where he authored over 300 appellate opinions, including the final Miranda decision for the Arizona Supreme Court. During that period, he also served as president of the Arizona Judge’s Association. After 12 years, Molloy returned to private practice to become president of the largest law firm in southern Arizona. His book has received widespread praise for its candor and disquieting truths. Article Source

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