Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Judge Candace J Beason Ignore Crime and Perjury Scam

Canace j beason los angeles superior court judge probate California The ignore perjury and crime scam

Canace J Beason Los Angeles superior court judge probate division California The ignore perjury and crime scam which goes on in every court in America

Imagine going to court with evidence your sister Sylvia Schmidt and her Glendale California Lawyer Christopher Overgaard perjured a petition forcing your mother Gertrude Gettinger into a conservatorship. They told the court they hired a private investigator and could not find you, did not have your address or way to contact you.

The truth is Sylvia was always in contact and had my contact information. There is even a recording of a phone call where Sylvia threatens and mentions the contact info. You hire a lawyer and go to court, present dozens of documents proving you did exist, cashed and signed checks to Sylvia, letters sent to you by Sylvia with her address and signature.

In fact we believe lawyer Christopher Overgaard removed himself in fear of evidence proving perjury, conspiracy, elder abuse, fraud, embezzlement and grand theft.  Sylvia hires former President of the Pasadena Bar, a well connected Pasadena lawyer Philip Barbaro Jr. Not to forget the fact Philip Barbaro Jr. costs $375 an hour as opposed to Christopher Overgaard’s previous $250 an hour.
The victim’s estate is forced to pay to stop evidence that Sylvia is a criminal stealing from and abusing her own mother and the abuse continues under the courts protection.

With evidence of crime and perjury before Los Angeles Probate Court Judge Candace J. Beason, the judge “ignores it all”.  In fact an obviously selfish, full of herself Judge claimed she had no time to read all the case files. We were sent to lunch while the judge read Gertrude’s PVP lawyer Violet M. Boskovich’s highlighted and noted petition copies which appeared to be against me. Remember all this evidence being presented to the court in an official petition would make PVP Lawyer Boskovich look bad. Boskovich is paid via the estate by checks written by Sylvia Schmidt. Everyone wants the conservator to continue because she’s the one with the money and writes the checks. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

This is yet another problem with Probate court in Los Angeles County, its all about money. Lawyers like vultures almost never see the victim and do all they can to create delays, more hearings and issues to create fees. All the while the real victim Gertrude Gettinger is locked in a Dementia home forced to take drugs via Sylvia Schmidt the conservator who got the conservatorship via a perjured and fraudulent petition. Not to forget the conspiracy between Gary A. Schmidt, Sylvia Schmidt, Christopher Overgaard and Michael Jay Movius who claimed he was a private investigator who could not find any family.

Doctors reported Gertrude does not have Dementia and only suffers from depression. Yet due to the limitless power by the conservator who can even influence doctors to force Gertrude to take dangerous psychotropic drugs. Many like Haldol, Seroquel, Paxil which have sides effects such as death. Now over medicated Gertrude looks like something is wrong, the fact is she’s drugged. This is how criminals stop victims from testifying, contacting police or reaching out for help.

This true story gets deeper and more expensive as the years go by. But how is it almost a half dozen judges oversee the case, Probate investigators and a PVP yet no one looks at the petitions, evidence exposing crime and perjury. They all ignore everything to allow this expensive charade to continue. After all everyone involved is billing Gertrude’s estate and not allowing anything Gertrude really wants to take place. Her home is liquidated based on lies and manipulation of the court. A Doctor Paul Liu removes himself from caring for Gertrude due to odd and dangerous actions of Sylvia. Doctors are changed like underwear when their opinions don’t agree with Sylvia that her mother in fact suffers from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.

People are dying, being abused and robbed blind due to judges who ignore the facts, evidence, crime and even abuse. They use the “ignore, ignore and pretend nothing is before them scam”.  When a judge does not do their job it’s a crime. Even when reported to the Commission on Judicial Performance nothing is done to stop a crime. It’s all ignored, rubber stamped that all is in order.

Judge Candace J. Beason also uses the delay, delay scam as well as the create more legal costs scam. Everything quietly done behind court room walls and in secret meetings. During the process of everything it’s exposed Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt embezzled more than $200k in bank account funds which were removed before the conservatorship took place. Sylvia even blames the missing $200k on family where she claims creditors took it. She wrote this in her original petition for the conservatorship. Yet there is no proof of this. Yet during the same time period real property is acquired by Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt in the form of a trust in Santa Clarita California for a similar amount.

The court or probate department was never informed about the missing bank accounts. In fact Gertrude’s lawyer Violet M. Boskovich when informed and given the actual account numbers fails in investigate. Why’s the court not interested in $200,000.00 dollars of Gertrude’s money?

After spending more than $180k in legal fees it all becomes obvious this is a broken system, a system based on who you know, not what you know. On greed not justice, on what the court is told by slick lawyers who manipulate the truth not evidence and fact. Perjury and dishonesty is out of control in Los Angeles Superior Court probate division. Totally defenseless, weak and old people are being abused and taken advantage of by lawyers and judge. This is like child abuse and done behind closed court room doors. Often records are sealed to stop the truth from being told. Subpoena’s suppressed and stopped which only serve to expose what is really going on, CRIME.

I can attest after growing up with Sylvia Gettinger, AKA Sylvia Velasco, Sylvia Schmidt wife of Gary A. Schmidt has sociopath and psychopath tendencies. She has no conscience, value for family, morals or integrity. She comes from a sue everyone background, committed adultery and hated everyone in our family. Yet the courts easily, without question gave her control over her own mother who she never cared for or loved. In fact Sylvia only began pretending to help her mother after she found conservatorship and was able to bill $40 an hour for simple tasks like redeliving Gertrude’s personal mail.

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