Stop Racism Corruption and Cover ups Demand Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Resign

Demand Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Resign


Demand Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Resign

What’s going on with Chicago’s Police department happens in many cities in America. When ever a smoking gun video captures police committing crimes or murder the city, mayor, district attorney, prosecutors, police union and police management manipulate the facts. They help destroy evidence and the victims character while rewarding the guilty officer with paid leave, promotions, cover ups and failure to prosecute. It’s up to every American to expose the real terrorism going on in every city today. To hold everyone equally accountable for murder. No more special rights for criminals even if they have a badge, robe or fancy title. FACT IS: We’re more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist in America.

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Because government is not going to protect us or create change

This is the video they did not want you to see. Lets not forget police were caught deleting video evidence (a crime in itself). Reports were perjured by public servants and false statements used for their own trumped up, non-objective inside investigation which as we know always ends with “JUSTIFIED KILLING”.

It seems that the Chicago Police department is holding confession as the third video in just days has been released showing officers beat and taser a man before he dies.

Only two weeks ago, after months of public pressure, the Chicago PD released the dashcam of Laquan McDonald being murdered by officer Jason Van Dyke. Then, only yesterday, Chicago police quietly slipped out another video of officer George Hernandez murdering Ronald Johnson, by shooting him in the back as he ran away.

The latest video to be released is from an incident in the Far South Side police lockup and shows officers repeatedly tasering University of Chicago graduate Philip Coleman and then dragging his limp body from the cell.

Coleman was not a criminal, but he was experiencing an apparent mental crisis when he began to attack his mother in December of 2012. When police arrested him, Coleman was brought to a hospital where he was given a drug to make him calm down.


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