LAX Assistant Police Chief Brian Walker


LAX Assistant Police Chief Brian Walker

Former LAXPD Acting Police Chief/Assistant Chief Brian Walker was indicted on federal charges in April 2015 where he was accused of defrauding the city for “private gain”. Walker would be charged with tax evasion in February 2016 and ultimately resigned seven (7) months later in September. Is there a connection between him and a recently filed lawsuit by another former LAXPD Lieutenant?

According to the Los Angeles Times, Walker worked at LAXPD for 21 years and had control over internal affairs, backgrounds and recruitments and Human Resources.

Just as Walker was being charged with tax evasion, in February 2016, then Lieutenant Marlo Richardson was notified that an anonymous letter was submitted to the new chief saying she was committing timecard fraud, in the same month. She was also alleged to have submitted paperwork to Human Resources to obtain “light duty” and found to have not included medical documentation to support the claim. The lawsuit states Richardson was unaware she needed to provide a medical note and Human Resources didn’t ask for one.

In her lawsuit, she speaks of several Black officers, eleven in total, being investigated for similar accusations.

The lawsuit lays out personnel in Human Resources coming under fire and other officers being charged with timecard fraud. One officer in particular took a demotion in lieu of termination.

A CBS2 investigation showed officers stating that Walker showed favoritism towards certain officers. Richardson’s lawsuit describes anonymous letters circulating through the department stating she was sleeping with her co-workers.

Walker was part of a long line of ” insider” corruption and dysfunctional leadership.

LAWA PD internal affairs has always been dysfunctional and officers are punished based on popularity vs an impartial standard.

One such officer had external investigations for child molestation( basically paid off victims family) then got involved in human trafficking – LAWAPD Internal affairs say on its thumbs , then that officer joined a motorcycle gang and near and threatened the mother of his kids- but Walker and his subordinates liked the officer and helped him until they had no choice but fire him when it came out to then Chief Pat Gannon that the officer was in a criminal motorcycle gang

But true to LAWA Human Resources and internal affairs , that ex officer will be a able to SUE the city for his job back and back pay settlement!

Another ex sergeant harassed females and took steroids and caused a near $1 million dollar lawsuit pay out but he also turned around and sued and won a cash settlement as well. It’s all about being liked, and this has proven the case in hiring Orange County former chiefs who have instituted their own ” purge” of what they see as unqualified black officers and supervisors to make way for white and Asian leaders that will be loyal to them . THIS jas includes questionable hiring of several officers and ex recruits from non LA police agencies with a promise to quickly promote them- those officers are not black. Homophobia, sexism , and bias toward black employees still exists under the former Orange County based Chief, who is now the sword civilian executive director

White and Asian supervisors who commit dept violations or make poor decisions are rarely disciplined and the executive protects them

Chief Rhambo- a veteran L.A County law enforcement expert was brought in to clean up the mess at LAXPD but rumors are that captains and lieutenants naively LOYAL to the former Orange County executive ( and fearful of Rhambo demoting them for gross incompetence) are doing every thing possible to sabotage Chief Rhambos efforts as well as keep the former Chief and now CIVILIAN executive in control

There are still voices that want LAPD to ” take over” LAXPD but LAPD brings its own DYSFUNCTION that would create a serious liability if allowed to police the Airport alone

LAX Assistant Police Chief Brian Walker

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