Officer Kevin Ferguson

Officer Kevin Ferguson

Los Angeles California Police Officer Kevin Ferguson

Before you take a side remember this “this all happened because of what?”. Deadly force came into play because of what crime?

A lawsuit has been filed against an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who fired his gun during a videotaped clash last month with several teenagers in Anaheim.

Christian Dorscht, a 13-year-old boy who was grabbed by the police officer, filed the suit along with his parents on Feb. 28. The suit alleges that Officer Kevin Ferguson violated the boy’s civil rights and caused the plaintiff emotional distress. It also claims that Officer Kevin Ferguson assaulted and falsely imprisoned the boy.

The lawsuit marks the beginning of what could be a lengthy legal battle over the Feb. 21 encounter, which remains under investigation by police in both Anaheim and Los Angeles. Videos of the clash, posted online, renewed the debate over how officers use force — whether on-duty or not — and prompted protests in Anaheim.

Attorneys for Officer Kevin Ferguson and Dorscht did not immediately return calls for comment Thursday.

Anaheim police say the violent exchange between Officer Kevin Ferguson and a group of teenagers began when the off-duty officer confronted them about walking across his property on their way home from school.

The lawsuit says Officer Kevin Ferguson was standing outside his home, drinking a beer, when he “became irate” that a girl walked across his lawn and started shouting profanities at her. Dorscht told the officer to talk to the girl “in a nicer manner,” the lawsuit states.

Anaheim police said Officer Kevin Ferguson tried to detain the 13-year-old after the boy made a threat that “led Officer Kevin Ferguson to believe that he was going to shoot him.” In the video, the boy denies the remarks, saying he said he was going to “sue”Officer Kevin Ferguson.

Video of the incident shows Officer Kevin Ferguson grabbing the teen by the collar of his sweatshirt and appearing to backpedal while holding onto him. A large group of teenagers follows, some filming the incident, others demanding that Officer Kevin Ferguson release their friend. After several tense minutes, another teen rushes at Officer Kevin Ferguson, knocking Officer Kevin Ferguson backward over a row of hedges. Full story at Boy, 13, sues off-duty LAPD officer who fired gun in videotaped clash with teens in Anaheim

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