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charles beck costs city 4.2 million dollars los angeles police chief charlie beck

Los Angeles will never forget Christopher Jordan Dorner for bringing attention to what happens to a good officer when he reports abuse and crimes by a bad officer.
Over three dozen officers are now coming forward due to Dorner who opened a Pandora’s box of crime, abuse and unethical behavior by LAPD.

Los Angeles Police Department CORRUPTION at all time high
Dorner manifesto inspires fired LAPD officers to seek reviews of their cases
Mother and daughter hurt in Christopher Dorner manhunt awarded $4.2 million
Park ranger files claim for $1.2 million reward for information about cop killer Dorner
Christopher Dorner case rekindled distrust and resentment of police

This is NOT the first time LAPD has dropped the ball and allowed criminal to get away due to lazy police work and ignoring crimes

While the media is told LAPD has changed and a judge has lifted some federal regulations that true facts remain un-reported

Dozens of Fired LAPD Officer Seek Reviews


Peter Jennings Reporting: South Central, Los Angeles Part 1/4

Peter Jennings Reporting: South Central, Los Angeles Part 3/4

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