Officer Thomas K. Gracey

los angeles police venice division officer gravey makes an ass out of himself harrasing a innocent victim

Los Angeles Police department Pacific Division Venice Beach California
Officer Thomas K. Gracey
disgraced his entire department with his huge over inflated ego.
We commend Chris Jackson for taking a stand and exposing this Bozo who
should never have been hired by Los Angeles Police department.

Let’s start on a Venice Beach, Calif., bike path, with an LAPD motorcycle cop who obviously hates his latest assignment.

Using a helmet cam, bicyclist Chris Jackson, 34, recorded his encounter with “Officer Gracey” who wrote a pretty sketchy ticket. Apparently, Jackson said something to Gracey about his LAPD motorcycle blocking the busy bike path.

The really stupid statement by Officer Gracey:

And we quote Gracey from the video: “Listen to me, sir. The reason why I’m going to write you for unsafe speed is because you are arguing with me. This is a catch-all, 22350. Because you’re riding on the wrong side of the back path, you’re looking at me, and you’re complaining because my emergency vehicle is on the bike path. And that’s unsafe speed. Looking in the wrong direction, traveling in the wrong way, that’s unsafe.”

Really? A ticket for “arguing with me.” Pfft! Um, no. That’s no how it works.

“In a video, the officer states he’s giving the cyclist a ticket because he argued with him”

Officer Gracey seems to think he knows what is safe and what is not safe. Oddly this is coming from someone who parks a motor vehicle on a bike path which causes a hazard (safety hazard). Note during the incident the officer changes his
position and lies about the facts, laws and safety of the public.

Latest News Story:
LAPD Cancels ticket written by confused, immature and stupid officer

LAPD Cancels Bike-Path Ticket “In the Interest of Justice” After Video Goes Viral

Officer Gracey now being INVESTIGATED for
LAPD investigating officer for ticketing bike rider on Venice Beach bike path

A Fine Line Between Honest and Stupid
Los Angeles Police Pacific Division Officer Gracey called “Stupid”.

In yet another episode of “Cops Behaving Badly”, we have Officer Gracey of the LAPD giving citizen 34 year old Chris Jackson of Venice, California, a ticket, allegedly for “riding on the wrong side of the bike path” after Jackson complained about the officer’s motorcycle blocking the bike path. The “officer” at first claims the ticket is for riding on the wrong side of the bike path. When challenged by Jackson that 1) he was passing on a dashed line and 2) that he knew of no law covering unsafe passing on the bike lane, the real reason Jackson was being ticketed came out.

He was being ticketed for disagreeing with the officer.

Traffic tickets of the absurd: LAPD dismisses fumbling cop’s ‘arguing with me’ bike-path citation
Fumbling Cop Officer Gracey”

Officer Gracey loves to assume and make statements about what the public wants and needs. What the public does not need is a problem cop with a huge
attitude problem.

Update: Bike rider illegally ticketed by pissed-off cop for non-infractions on Venice bike path
A bike rider on the beachfront Marvin Braude bike path was ticketed by a cop for a made-up violation — simply because he pointed out the LAPD officer’s motorcycle was blocking the pathway last Thanksgiving weekend.
When the officer can’t argue that point, the cop switches gears. And instead, writes a ticket for violating the state’s Basic Speed Law, for — wait for it — riding 5 mph in a 10 mph zone.
Never mind the fact that the officer appears to have made up the 10 mph speed limit, which is not posted anywhere along the bikeway. Or anywhere else that I can find, for that matter.
Instead, let’s consider that the Basic Speed Law, CVC 22350, refers only to a speed greater than is reasonable under the circumstances. It says absolutely nothing about going too slowly.

Basic Speed Law

22350.  No person shall drive a vehicle upon a highway at a speed greater than is reasonable or prudent having due regard for weather, visibility, the traffic on, and the surface and width of, the highway, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons or property.

And to the best of my knowledge, a bike path is not a highway.

Chris Jackson goes to court
LAPD canceled the totally ridiculous ticket which was fabricated by the very dishonest Officer Gracey Los Angeles Police Departments Motors division

officer gracey has possession of a loaded gun

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