Killer Cops all over America hiding behind a badge over 1100 killed in 2014

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Killer Cops all over America hiding behind a badge over 1100 killed in 2014
What government and major media don’t want you to know. The fact is police are out of control in America, the wrong people are hired, given deadly force, authority over your loved ones and allowed to abuse, kill, molest and commit crimes with immunity and no accountability. Killer cops are real and more common than one would expect.

See Killed by Police for victims killed each year by Police HERE

It’s only recently Police departments began holding officers accountable for their actions. Thousands of killings are covered up, ignored, manipulated and hidden from the American public. Imagine that, more people than the last war have died at the hands of tax paid public servants. American’s are being fooled by an false image, an image they expect should have integrity, pride and guts.
An image created by false sayings imprinted upon patrol vehicles and walls.

The image of a career as a police officer draws some of the worst candidates.  Damaged people who seek power, control and authority. Deadly force and the concept of being able to freely carry a gun and kill anyone that gets into your way. People who have no business yielding such power or force are drawn to law enforcement and often move up the ranks. The result is no integrity, pride or justice for the people. You end up with highly paid servants serving themselves or those in power. This is how you end up with Killer Cops.

South Carolina North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager is just one example of thousands of murders committed by police each year. It’s been proven Officer Slager attempted to manipulate evidence to support the common often abused lie ” I feared for my life” the catch all excuse used by bad cops to rationalize and support murder. America needs to understand why bad cops refuse or don’t welcome body cams. Video evidence is the only way to combat a lying cop because judges, DA’s and courts often believe police over victims and witnesses.

South Carolina North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager shot an unarmed man in the back who was running away from him 8 times then made false statements.

Manteca California Police Officer John Moody shot to death unarmed and not resisting Ernest Duenez Jr. in front of his home. Then handcuffed Ernest while he was dying as his wife stood by watching. Officer John Moody stalked Duenez Jr. and shot him 11 times, then claimed he had a knife. Officer John Moody was put on paid leave and not held accountable.

These are just two murders by police but only one event where the officer ends up in jail. The other problem is getting our courts to render fair and equal punishment and prosecution. We all witnessed how they failed to prosecute the Killers of Kelly Thomas of Fullerton California who was beat to death by a gang of officers.

Police unions also have blood on their hands for helping bad officers get away with murder. You’ll note on some videos that have audio that officers commonly lack empathy for the victim. Instead they make calls to lawyers and union reps while victims bleed to death. Note the audio in the video below

Mental Patient Jason Harrison executed for having a Screwdriver

While there are some who claim this is only happening to criminals or people who commit crimes the fact is good, honest and hard working people are also killed as in the murder of Erik B. Scott of Las Vegas
By Las Vegas Nevada Police Officer William Mosher and several other officers. Erik was murdered for having a cell phone in his hand.

Vegas Cops Kill West Point Grad, Erik Scott, At Costco

Don’t stop here, most murders by police never make it to TV or newspapers. Officers never spend one day in a jail cell, in fact they’re rewarded with paid vacations. The worst is investigations are done by friends and police they work with. Most officers get off with a slap on the wrist and go out and do it again. Yes there are police officers who kill more than one person. While if anyone else committed the same crime you’d have a record for life and end up spending a life savings in legal fees.  Your tax dollars are used to hire the wrong people, pay their benefits, huge salaries then used to pay huge court settlements. Its a lose, lose situation for the public which neither gets protected or served for their hard earned tax dollars.

Look at the execution of 19 year old Samantha Ramsey where an officer took it upon himself to jump in front of a moving car, claim “he feared for his life” then execute the driver and claim her lifeless body which caused the car to jerk was an action of aggression.

David Silva a father who was beat to death by a gang of officers with night sticks and then blamed on health issues. Cell phone video evidence was confiscated by police and later mysteriously disappeared.|

Imagine a young girl goes to a Police department and is shot to death by the very officers who should be protecting and helping her? Kristiana Coignard was 17 years old. She was shot five times in January 2015 by two Longview, Texas, police officers inside their own department lobby. We may never know why Kristiana happened to be inside the police station nor why she picked up a courtesy phone because minutes later she was shot dead on a Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. Kristiana didn’t make it home to dinner that night because the people who were supposed to protect her, tazed her and put five bullets in her instead of getting her therapy and calling her parents. The three officers involved are now on a paid vacation.

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