Officer William Mosher

las vegas nevada police department officer william mosher kills erik scott ang gets away with murder

Officer William Mosher “The Worst of the Worst”
His photo is often depicted as an example of an “idiot with a gun” on the internet
and facebook. True a photo is worth a thousand words and people who are pro Police need to avoid such images as from the looks of Officer William Mosher he’s far from a good, honest and decent cop.

The Bear Growls: Metro Officer William Mosher  the worst of the worst?
By LVBear October 6, 2010

he Metro shooting problem is a serious matter for all of us who live in or visit Las Vegas. Metro is largely an out-of-control gang of thugs. Officer William Mosher, who has killed twice in just five years on the department, may be the worst of the worst. In his testimony in the recent Coroner’s Inquest regarding the shooting of Costco customer/prescription drug user Erik Scott, Officer William Mosher came across as an uneducated buffoon, not even using the term “quote, unquote” correctly. He would say “quote, unquote” then what he was quoting, rather than saying “quote,” then what he was quoting, and then “unquote.” He sounded like a seventh-grade dropout.

Officer William Mosher appears to be a robot-like individual who lacks common sense, lacks the ability to make rational decisions rather than just bully people, and someone apparently so insecure with himself that he has to evoke the “tough cop” bully-boy act. Officer William Mosher is a frightening individual who should have been taken off the streets by his supervisors long ago. I would hate to have him in my neighborhood. It would be terrible to call 911 and have Officer William Mosher show up. How Officer William Mosher was allowed to be out there endangering the public day after day is a scary mystery. I think Las Vegas would be a safer place if Officer William Mosher was in prison. He is still on “paid administrative leave.” I predict that if he is allowed to return to active duty, he will kill again. Please read the full excellent article below

 Metro Officer William Mosher — the worst of the worst?

Officer in Costco shooting says man raised gun, didn’t know it was in holster

The Erik Scott Murder
A few weeks after Bryan Yant gunned down Trevon Cole, three of his comrades – led by Officer William Mosher – “did their job” by murdering 38-year-old Erik Scott as he was leaving a Costco store.

Read the Erik Scott Murder with Officer William Mosher down the page 

Death Threats Received After Interview of Erik Scott’s Father

las vegas nevada police department officer william mosher kills erik scott ang gets away with murder

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