People before Profit

People before Profit

When it all comes down to it, This is what is destroying America today and has for centuries.
“People before Profit, People over Profit” call it what you wish it all comes down to the same.

Our courts are about profit not justice, judges are about money not about justice. Who ever can buy LAW or has the most money gets justice even if it’s not really fair or moral.

It’s that SIMPLE. Big business is putting profit over the lives of Americans. Big business which by example the WAR INDUSTRY is making profit from killing. They hide their crimes and lies behind words like FREEDOM and fighting for YOUR FREEDOM. In reality its about the bottom dollar and getting the sheep to go to slaughter without them putting up a fight. Share, Like and repost LIKE THEI PAGE
The concept is spreading like wildfire…/entrepreneur-dale-partridge-launc…/…

About People Before Profit Alliance

The People Before Profit Alliance was formally established in October 2005 by workers from a variety of local campaigns. Its aim is to reverse neo-liberal policies which place wealth creation for the few over the welfare of communities in Ireland.

The Alliance represents a different form of politics, fitting for the 21st century. It sees ‘people power’ and the mobilization of citizens in workplaces, communities and on the streets as the key to bringing change in society. It is the ambition of the Alliance to operate on a 32-county basis and to offer a radical vision for our country.

In addition to its aim of deepening the links between community groups, the Alliance also wishes to explore the potential for electoral politics but it is not interested in electing people who will join coalition governments with the dominant right-wing parties because they have all signed up to the ‘business success is paramount’ ethic.

The alliance opposes neo-liberal policies, including: – the sell-off of Ireland’s natural resources; – the privatisation and run down of public amenities; – the destruction of the environment and our heritage through a flawed planning process; – the prioritization of corporate profit above the environment; – poor public health and labor conditions and standards; – widespread corruption; – the erosion of civil liberties; – tax cuts for the rich and corporations while bin charges and stealth taxes rise for the majority; – the erosion of neutrality through the growing presence of US troops in Shannon (we oppose the use of Irish airports and airspace by the US military); – the mistreatment of immigrants.

The People Before Profit Alliance has 3 TDs, Richard Boyd Barrett, Bríd Smith and Gino Kenny; as well as two MLAs, Gerry Carroll and Eamonn McCann. We also have a number of councilors elected in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council.

What We Stand For

  • Free, Quality, Healthcare for All
    No to privatization or a two-tier health system. *Reverse the bed closures and cut backs in local hospitals. For a comprehensive national health service which treats people according to medical need and not money
  • A Fair Tax System
    A fair taxation system to fund public services based on ability to pay, not bin taxes and stealth taxes that hurt the less well off.
  • Housing for All
    An emergency government program to provide social and affordable housing to all that need it.
  • Decent Public Transport
    Cheaper fares, extra buses and major investment in an integrated public transport system to reduce congestion and pollution.
  • Workers Rights
    Full union rights and equal conditions for all workers and an end to outsourcing and exploitation of immigrant workers.
  • Real Local Democracy
    Proper funding for local government and genuine public participation, transparency and accountability in planning and development issues.
  • Protect our Environment
    Major investment in sustainable energy, public transport and public recycling infrastructure to deal with global warming and pollution.Real protection for our natural and coastal environment. Use Ireland’s natural resources to benefit the people. Corrib Gas and other vital natural resources to taken into public ownership and used for the benefit of the people.
  • Keep Ireland out of US led War
    End the use of Shannon by the US military for War in Iraq or elsewhere.
  • People Power
    Active support for grass-roots community and social movements to bring about real change.
  • An Alternative Economic Agenda
    Annually, before the Budget, the People Before Profit Alliance launch our Alternative Economic Agenda Document, which sets out in more detail the Alliance’s policy in relation to the economy.
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