How to Contact Your California Legislator to Pass the “Dr. Richard I. Fine Bill” to End Judicial Corruption

Richard I Fine Amend SBX 2 11

Find out who your state representatives are GO TO: 1. Enter your address 2. Use the “Contact form” on your representatives website 3. Select “Other” 4. Copy and enter the following in the box on your representative’s contact form “Dear representative: California has the most corrupt judicial system in… Continue reading


Elections are the best time to put the pressure on your state representatives and get them to help because they count on getting your votes. 1. Find out who your state representatives are. GO TO: Look for the screen below: Enter your address. You should see a map where… Continue reading

Richard I. Fine LIVE broadcast Amend SBX 211 get restitution for Court Victims and start change against a totally corrupt legal system

Make sure to LISTEN IN AND WATCH LIVE “Richard I. Fine” the American lawyer who took a stand against the BAR and the judges in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Richard created a Bill to Amend SBX211 to help the victims. If this bill passes in California with your help… Continue reading

Bill Amending SBX 211 & related Government Code Sections; Establishing State of California Commission on Judicial Oversight and Victims Compensation for Judicial Misconduct and Judicial Abuse of Power

STOP CALIFORNIA’S JUDICIAL CORRUPTION; TELL YOUR LEGISLATOR TO SPONSOR AND VOTE FOR THIS EMERGENCY LEGISLATION I believe this is the first legislation to create an independent commission to oversee a state’s judiciary and directly compensate the victims of judicial misconduct and judicial abuse of power. Please use for return… Continue reading

We’ve joined forces with the Disney Family Sherry and Bradford Lund

Sherry Brad Lund Building an Army

The Arizona Republic David Wallace LOS ANGELES, Dec. 17, 2020 At a national telephonic press conference today, attorneys for Bradford D. Lund, grandson of the late Walt Disney, and Mrs. Sherry Lund, Brad Lund’s step-mother, announced the filing of two letters on behalf of each Mr. Lund and his step-mother,… Continue reading

And Justice for All? An American Illusion: My Life As A Freedom Fighter 2

And Justice for All An American Illusion My Life As A Freedom Fighter

 Americans are living in the “Land of Make Believe.” That’s what Freedom Fighter, Rights Activist and Whistleblower, Cheryl A. Kennedy discovered while going through an amicable divorce in 2004 that turned into a horrible nightmare. She found herself fighting back against brutal gangs comprised of corrupt judges and attorneys,… Continue reading