Why Police must all wear Body Cams which can’t be turned off

Oklahoma Cop Records Himself Shooting and Killing Fleeing Man

All over America the wrong people are given guns, badges and authority. Like ticking time bombs just waiting to go off, the right incident, stressful day or just a day they snap. Someone is killed and its not just one accidental shot. Police are now issued high powered semi-automatic weapons which fire multiple times. Trigger happy, gung ho, call it what you want the fact is they prefer to shoot to kill instead of saving a life. Then the lies begin, “he’s got a gun” or I feared for my life. Our justice system will investigate their own which means cover up, lies, twisting facts and destroying the victims character with false reports released to the media.

Oklahoma Cop Records Himself Shooting and Killing Fleeing Man
Cop Records Himself Shooting Man For Running Away
Muskogee police release video of officer fatally shooting armed man

We don’t buy the “Don’t break the law” excuse used by police and police supporters. The role of police is not to kill or render punishment, that is for the courts to decide. No one guilty until proven guilty, remember that.

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