Is America the Greatest Country in the World

is america the greatest country in the world videoIs America the greatest country in the world? I used to think so, over the last decade my own experiences have proven to me its not. Money and greed have wiped out morals, ethics, justice and right over wrong. When money can buy justice for criminals who are obviously guilty. When money rules congress and a trillion dollar war machine influences our spending. When “kids for cash” judges expose just the tip of the iceberg how our prison system is nothing more than big business. We put small time criminals in prison for life while million dollar white collar criminals rob us blind go free. We’re divided by parties which really mean nothing and influenced by media which is controlled by big business. BE SURE TO VIEW THIS VIDEO

Don’t believe it, open your eyes before you or a loved one becomes a victim of this once greatest country in the world

Is America the Greatest Country in the World

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Is America the Greatest Country in the World? No

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