Your life is not worth as much as a Police Officer

Are police lives worth more than yours

When you get down to it, this is the issue at hand. Find your way into a uniform or civil servant job and instantly your life is worth more than another. It’s the sad truth today in America and goes totally against our constitution and what we’re sold by government. Yet the fact is and the 1000’s of deaths every year expose what’s really going on. They even lie about how many people are killed.

You kill someone and claim you feared for your life, you’re still investigated, locked in jail, suffer loss of job, reputation destroyed , end up paying huge legal bills which alone can destroy your life. Yet if a public servant who is hired to “Serve and Protect” kills that same person and claims the same excuses. They’re not locked in jail, lose any pay  and are investigated by friends and family. Who naturally can’t be objective in any way. Yet because they are in fact acting ABOVE THE LAW they have the last word. Plus they’re put on paid leave, they’re rewarded via your tax dollars to kill you. So lying, killing and bad behavior is rewarded and actually promoted. Oh they’ll blame it on policy, protecting rights and the famous “what if’s”. The fact is these are criminals who are getting away with murder and all involved are acces

This is America and how it’s functioned for decades. Judges, lawyers and government folk are no different. They MUST BE held to higher standards because they represent our justice system. Yet judges are often found to be nothing more than criminals whose crimes are hushed up, hidden from the public, sealed while they get to keep their benefits and go on working somewhere else. See the Aviva K. Bobb story. Judge Aviva K. Bobb worked with outside businesses to steal the homes of seniors in her own private world “Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Department”. She would often liquidate seniors homes and lives just like the Nazi’s did with the Jews. Stripping them of everything from their dignity, family contact and personal property. Yet because the American bar and Judicial Council do nothing, well sometimes they pretend to act, there is no justice for these white collar criminals. Dressed in black robes of shame they’re huge egos often get the best of them. They allow dirty lawyers like Philip Barbaro Jr., Christopher Overgaard to help criminals who are great liars and con-artists to steal and abuse seniors and the totally defenseless like Gertrude Gettinger .

Its all about money and greed. Don’t take our word for it, look into judges like Socrates Peter Manoukian who for decades has been involved in abusing seniors in Santa Clara County California. Even after dozens of victims came forward with evidence and crimes by Judge Manoukian nothing is done. The fact is Judge Manoukian then abuses his power and attacks the very victims and whistle blowers. Police are then used via lies from the judge to go after the victims and those who report the crimes.

Police are in fact out of control in America, even the good officers don’t come forward because they’re often put at risk. With department heads like Sheriff Lee Baca Los Angeles California Sheriff who resigned to avoid prosecution and keep his huge million dollar benefits. When the top cop is a fraud, liar and con-artist what choice do those in lower ranks have? See this story

The fact is that every American is at risk, we hire the worst people, often because their family member who is also a bad cop puts in the good word. Fact is most cops suffer from huge ego issues, mental insecurity, bully and thug history  and only seek control and a false sense of power. What is worse is we’re giving these people guns and authority and sending them out into the public.

Ever wonder where we get our judges? Judges are often nothing more than a bad lawyer who could not make it in the legal field. They often buy their seats on the bench and when its proven they accept bribes what do they do?

Same thing that happens with dirty cops who kill.  Nothing, paid vacations, promotions, investigations by friends and huge benefits. Judges and lawyers
being involved with cops get the same benefits and are held “ABOVE THE LAW”. Yes America their are two classes and you’re mots likely not in the one where your life counts…

Police lives worth more than yours

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