The Masses getting Angry is How you Stop Police From Killing, Marches by the masses against police killings

the masses getting angry is how you stop police from killing

Marches by the masses against police killings

The problem is simple but often manipulated by government and media. They want the public to think its people being anti-police, its not. Its about problem cops who kill and commit crime. Who then hide behind the badge and a word “law”. Who are then protected by the very system which we pay for to render justice. Its been exposed even with absolute evidence such as the smoking gun audio and video from the the Kelly Thomas killing in Orange County California that guilty cops go free. The problem is simple, when cops kill its approved, rationalized, excused and even brushed under the carpet. Yet if we were to shoot that killer cop to stop them from taking a life we’d be arrested, beat, investigated and prosecuted to the full extend of the law and more.

Its this rationalizing and ignoring crime and murder that angers the public. They want us to think its a race issue, its not. The fact is the numbers are even being hidden and not reported. Over 1000 people have been killed by police in 2014 alone. Don’t take our word for it, check out “Killed by Police” on facebook or visit their stat page at

2014 1103 People Killed by Police

Thousands rally across US over police killings

Thousands of Protesters March in Washington, NYC Over Police Killings

Thousands of protesters march through D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston

Marches are taking place all over the world, its not just a few deaths its more than the last war. The killings are exploding all over the nation and while evidence is being produced to show there never was a threat, a crime or any violence our government does nothing to bring justice to the people.

The resent manipulations came with the disgusting disrespect by foolish police officers who dawned shirts depicting “Breath Easy Shirts” and claim its about not breaking the law. Fact is no one is guilty until proven by a court of law and police are not hired to render death or punishment. Police good and bad will pay in the end as the public has lost faith and trust in law enforcement.  You just don’t make fun of people who lose their lives, the shirts are evidence of the poor mentality and judgement by many police today. People who never should have been given guns, badges or any authority.

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