1068 Americans killed by police in 2014 why do 2 deaths get more attention than 1068 are we all created equal

getting back to the point 1068 americans killed by police

Are we all created equal in America? Is this the land of the free? Even if you’re a police officer you need to ask yourself this question as the day will come when that same system could turn on you.

Recently the number of people killed by police has risen to 1068. That number is constantly rising and rarely do any of those deaths get the publicity and acknowledgement by President Obama. Yet every one of those victims has family, pain and loss. So why is it that some deaths are made more important than others?

It’s interesting that police are in fact to blame for the 1068 deaths. Police can commit crimes of murder and they do yet rarely are they prosecuted or held personally liable for their actions. Whether you agree or not these are 1068 deaths that happened via Police interaction.

The numbers and crimes by police are staggering, yet often ignored and forgotten, covered up by a false image, badge and uniform which mean absolutely nothing when worn by the wrong person.

Fact is in America almost anyone can get a gun, badge and uniform and start committing fraud, crime and murder without the fear of prosecution or punishment. Do the research, anyone else commits the same crime and you’re locked away, fired from your job and lose all your money. Police even when guilty are protected, rewarded with pensions, huge salaries and paid vacations.
You the tax payer are then extorted into paying their legal fees, over time, pensions and losses.

We’re rewarding bad behavior and giving guns, badges and authority to the wrong people, in fact the worst kind. This never was about all police being bad or guilty. Its about the bad ones and the fact that why aren’t the good police doing anything about it?

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It’s been proven time and time again that a police officer does not have the most dangerous job as claimed. Fact is the numbers don’t lie.

Officers killed in 2014

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