Out of Control Santa Clara County California Racketeering by Judges and Government

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Racketeering Socrates Manoukian Ryan Mayberry Santa Clara County Corruption

ln 2012, Attorney Ryan Mayberry altered documents in court record to case 1-12-CV-226958 to facilitate the fraudulent eviction of Heidi Yauman from Markham Plaza Apartments in San Jose, California. Ryan Mayberry was paid to commit this fraud by his neighbor, Duncan Lee Pullen (AKA Lee Pullen), who, at the time was director of Santa Clara County Aging and Adult Services. (The embezzled payment was laundered by calling it “Attorney Fees”). The judge who presided over the case was Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian.  Attorney Ryan Mayberry removed references from documents referencing to docket no.  2010-1-PR-166693,  and California State Assembly bill 937

(CLARIFICATION:  2010-1-PR-166693, led to ABC News Story which led to AB937.  There were also references to suspicions that A.B.1288 may have been financed with missing 72.5 Million from 2009 Public Guardian Audit – Judge Manoukian appears to have had financial interest in both assembly bills )  (This info was deleted from documents by attorney: Ryan Mayberry  and these documents were altered to fabricate the appearance of a threat)   

 Assembly Bill 1288 created a loophole in California probate code sections 2900 & 2901, allowing public guardian’s in every California County to seize assets and real estate in a manner which  violating due-process  ( A fundamental, constitutional guarantee that all legal proceedings will be fair and that one will be given notice of the proceedings and an opportunity to be heard before the government acts to take away one’s life, liberty, or property. Also, a constitutional guarantee that a law shall not be unreasonable )

“Public guardians and conservators: authority: property held in trust. Existing law authorizes a county public guardian or conservator to take temporary possession or control of real and personal property of a person in the county who requires a guardian or conservator, as specified,   if the property is subject to   loss, injury,   waste,   or misappropriation. Existing law authorizes a public guardian to issuea written certification for purposes of taking possession or control of property in this regard, which may be recorded and which is effective for 15 days after the date of issuance. Existing law requires a financial institution or other per son, without inquiring into the truth of the written certification and without court order being issued, to provide the public guardian information concerning property held in the sole name of the proposed ward or conservatee and to surrender to the public guardian property of the proposed ward or conservatee that is subject to loss, injury, waste, or misappropriation. Existing law immunizes the financial institution or other person from any liability for any act or omission of the public guardian with respect to the property”

(It is interesting to say the least, that Santa Clara County Social Services director: Will Lightbourne, who was responsible for the missing 72.5 Million dollars was promoted to director of California Dept. of Social Services with a very impressive benefits package )  Crittenden had been asked to investigate whether there was a connection between these events and had been warned by coalition member connected with an investigation that an associate of Lightbourne with seat on California State Legislature may covertly interfere with proceedings to 1-12-CV226958 and another court case in San Mateo County.

Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian had direct financial interest in assembly bill 937 because passage of the bill would hinder his ability to profit from seizure of real estate through the collusive relationship between court department 19 and department 3 – (Honorable Judge Thomas Cain) Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian was functioning as “Probate court linebacker”, manipulating results of department 19 proceedings in a manner which would affect corresponding proceedings in department 3. The revenue flow Judge Manoukian would receive from department 3 kickbacks would be directly impacted by passage of this California State assembly bill.

These financial transactions which may be evidence of bribery and money laundering are beliebved to inconstant with Judge Manoukians documented assets on his ( 700 forms / Statement of economic interest )/

Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian interrogated Mr. Crittenden in court (1-12-CV226958) about an   FBI Investigation and another investigation deliberately mishandled by Lightbourne’s staff into matters relating to Judge Manoukian.”

The fraudulent court documents (with fabricated threat) were then used to deny Markham Plaza resident Robert Moss accommodates pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  A short time later, Robert Moss was discovered dead in his apartment: (2000 Monterey Road, Apt. 409, San Jose, California) after not being allowed access to groceries and medicine and outside assistance from advocate / tenant rights activist: Cary Andrew Crittenden

Santa Clara County deputy district attorney James Leonard was homicide prosecutor at the time Robert Moss’s death which does not appear to have been investigated.  (Late October / Early November 2012) A 2016 audit revealed that during the same 2012 time period, some improprieties were discovered at the Santa Clara County Coroner’s office involving mishandled autopsies.

At the June budget meeting, Dr. Michelle Jorden, the medical examiner, said the “conflict posed by the current operating structure is well known,” and she alleged that the sheriff’s office has since at least 2012 “impeded the examiners from receiving evidence necessary for the determination of cause and manner of death.”  —-> Read more

On November 16th, 2012, shortly after Robert Moss’s death, a suspicious transaction appeared in Santa Clara County’s Grantor/Grantee index under James Leonard’s name which may be a bribe. The document number associated with this transaction is   21955252.


In the process of reviewing Crittenden’s allegations and his several arrests, this reporter did a search for James Leonard’s financial transactions vis a vis his home loans, on the Santa Clara County Grantor Grantee index. It is known that members of the government legal profession, be they district attorneys or judges, have laundered pay offs through their home loans.

The search for Leonard’s home loan history produced concerning results. It appears that Leonard has reconveyed loans on his personal property no less than ten times in the past fourteen years. This excessive loan activity is generally seen as a red flag, indicating that a public official may very well be feeding at the “pay off/bribe/money laundering” trough.

This information was forwarded to the Santa Clara County DA’s office and a request for reply was tendered. At the time of going to press, no reply has been received.”

In 2013, Cary Andrew Crittenden began receiving harassing and threatening phone calls from Santa Clara County Sheriff detective David Carroll demanding that he not bring attention to fraud which occurred in 1-12-CV226958, and ordered not to pursue a whistle blower complaint and a complaint to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Detective Carroll also attempted to interrogate Crittenden about an FBI investigation involving Santa Clara County superior court docket no. CC781308

In 2014 Cary Andrew Crittenden, Santa Clara County Sheriff Detective David Carroll and Deputy District Attorney James Leonard framed Cary Andrew Crittenden on fake harassment charges (DOCKET C1493022) for his participation in campaign to address a fraudulent declaration submitted by Robert Ridgeway in case  1-12-CV226958. This fraudulent declaration, which was likely a contributing factor in Robert Moss’s death, referred to nonexistent video evidence claiming Mr. Crittenden was residing at Markham Plaza Apartments.  Detective David Carroll filed a false police report 14-182-0167 with very little factual basis to serve as “smoke screen”  Robert Ridgeway’s wife, Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Aleksandra Ridgeway also participated in false police report.

Crittenden appeared before Judge Rodney Jay Stafford and was lied to my deputy public defender Jeffrey Dunn about the charges filed against him and not allow to read statute or police report. Mr. Crittenden pled guilty to one charge of PC653 under duress and coercion for allegedly sharing an image on facebook that could “potentially make Robert Ridgeway feel harassed” After pleading no contest to one count of violating pc 653, a second count was added naming Deputy Aleksandra Ridgeway as victim. Judge Rodney Jay Stafford then issued two fake CR161 criminal protective orders against Crittenden for “Robert Ridgeway” and “Aleksandra Ridgeway” the fake court records seemed to imply that the coalition had petitioned “Aleksandra Ridgeway” to answer for the statements made in her husband’s fraudulent court declaration. Crittenden was placed on formal probation. (Crittenden followed up repeatedly by email requesting terms and conditions of probation in writing and was refused) Crittenden was also not informed of his Morrissey / Vickers Rights

On October 16th of 2014, Crittenden prepared a “Marsden Motion” and motion to withdraw plea “guilty” and appeared in court before Judge Rodney Stafford. Upon entering the court room, Sheriff Deputies seized Crittenden’s court documents and arrested him for publishing a news article about the facts of the case, and the malicious prosecution. Mr. Crittenden was led by sheriff deputies from the courtroom and placed in a holding cell with cardboard over the window where he was then tortured by Santa Clara County sheriff deputies.

On October 31st, 2014, Crittenden was brought to court and while waiting in holding cell, a Santa Clara County Sheriff deputy told Crittenden from outside a court holding cell that he needed to do whatever he could to get out of jail as quickly as possible or Heidi Yauman would be beaten up, raped and killed. This holding cell was adjacent to holding cell where Crittenden was tortured by Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputies on October 16th 2014.  Afterward, Crittenden was led into Santa Clara County court department 42 before Judge David Cena. Crittenden was represented by Santa Clara County Deputy Public Defender Thompson Sharkey who told Crittenden that under the terms and conditions of his probation which he agreed to, he had waived his first amendment protections to criticize government officials established by New York Times V. Sullivan Supreme Court Decision and that by publishing a news article about the facts of the case, he had violated the terms and conditions of probation and if the matter was brought to trial, he could face 3 year prison sentence but if he admitted to publishing the news article and agreed to a fake CR161 Criminal Protective order naming “James Leonard”, then he would be released from custody on November 5th. When Crittenden asked what the purpose of the fake CR161 criminal protective order was, Thompson Sharkey replied: “To get out of jail” Crittenden pled guilty to “violating probation” and was released from custody early in the morning of November 5th,2014, a few hours after Judge Socrates Manoukian’s wife, Patricia Bamattre-Manoukian was re elected to California’s 6th district court of appeals ( Crittenden’s false arrest and imprisonment prevented him from gathering signatures for Notice of intent to recall Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian, which if published, likely could have effected re election of Judge Patricia Bamamatre-Manoukian to California’s sixth district court of appeals)

See https://thefraudcouple.wordpress.com/

Crittenden reported to Santa Clara County probation department and asked probation officer Doug Davis for the terms and conditions of probation in writing. Crittenden was then finally given paperwork showing terms and conditions of probation which showed that he had waived his 2nd amendment rights and 4th amendment rights, but he had not waived his first amendment rights and therefore DID NOT, IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, VIOLATE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PROBATION by publishing a news article informing the public about the facts of the case and the fraud that had occurred. Officer Doug Davis was then replaced by officer Michele Martin.

Early 2015, a complaint was filed with Santa Clara County Sheriff Department Internal Affairs Unit (2015-09) against Detective David Carroll which contained several allegations, including falsifying police report. Each allegation to complaint was handled individually and passed over to the Santa Clara County Public Defender’s office which has team of 30 investigators whose responsibility it is to investigate falsified police reports such as 14-182-0167. The Sheriff Department’s Internal affairs unit and public defender’s office both failed to investigate allegations and both refused to interview or include witnesses, including retired judge, U.S. Congressman and others.  Santa Clara County Sheriff Lt. Neil Valenzuela sent Criitenden letter lumping all allegations together with disposition of “unfounded”  The sheriff department then continued to hammer out a series of falsified police reports with Crittenden’s name and if Crittenden dared ever to object, he would be accused of “harassment”

Approximately March 25th, 2015, Cary Andrew Crittenden was arrested in Palo Alto, California by Santa Clara County Sheriff detective Samy Tarazi and accompanied by Lieutenant Elbert Rivera, who placed Crittenden’s coffee cup up to Crittenden’s lips and pressed (As if to take DNA) The false arrest was for fabricated probation violation after web banner was discovered on internet with logo belonging to the organization “Copblock” which referenced to the falsified police report that was filed by Santa Clara County Sheriff Deputy Aleksandra Ridgeway to cover up the manslaughter committed by her husband: Robert Ridgeway in case 1-12-CV226958.  During the 40 days Crittenden sat in jail, neither the Sheriff Department or Public Defender made any effort to contact the publisher (contact information was published with the banner.)  Sergeant Samy Tarazi falsified police report which included several untrue statements, falsely stating that “Crittenden had been arrested for harassing deputy James Leonard” (A reference to the blog article regarding and being told by attorney Thompson Sharkey that he had waived his first amendment rights)   See https://thefraudcouple.wordpress.com/

Detective David Carroll had been removed from the case and there was sufficient documentation regarding the stalking, harassment and threats against Crittenden by detective David Carroll that occurred prior to original arrest demanding he not bring public attention to the matter. While in custody, a fraudulent motion to disqualify district attorney’s office was filed by Santa Clara County Deputy Public Defender Amanda Parks, claiming the grounds for motion was because “James Leonard was named victim” when the real reason for motion to disqualify was likely because James Leonard was homicide prosecutor at time of Robert Moss’s death.   The motion to disqualify was heard by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Michele McCay McKoy who was also homicide prosecutor for Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office when Robert Moss was discovered dead. The perjured motion to disqualify contained “Declaration of Facts” that WERE NOT FACTS, but attempts rather to reaffirm the string of falsified police reports and fake court records which the public defender’s office knew to be false, yet they refused to investigate. The VOP charge was eventually dismissed and deputy district attorney James Leonard (and subordinate prosecutor Alexander Adams) were replaced by deputy district attorney Barbara Cathcart  who then proceeded to railroad Crittenden on fabricated charges in case C1527283 based on false reports, fabricated evidence and lies. mounds of exculpatory evidence was excluded and Crittenden was not allowed to call witnesses to his defense.

After gag order was issued against Crittenden in October 2016 by Judge Sharon Chatman prohibiting him from speaking about the crimes committed against him, a second death was reported, that of Charles Sydney Copeland which is also linked to Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian and covered up by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office.

Dad’s final request November 14, 2016 10:47 am (Pacific time)

In Memory of a VETERAN who has FALLEN DEFENDING HIS RIGHTS, IN THE COUNTRY HE SERVED. My father CHARLES S. COPELAND was a Navy Vet, retired from NASA. I witnessed the public guardian Shawn Parr laughing and stating “it’s like stealing candy from a baby!” outside the courthouse when they conserved my Dad, after falsely stating he was not a vet!!! They transferred 10 million in assets to Hai P Tran, the VP of Fidelity, the Trustee for Santa Clara. Mortgage Companies were used to immediately remove all equity, and my father died fighting to recover his estate which was distributed through Tran to associates of the County’s family trusts. My father was left dead in Tran’s house for 3 weeks, and the DA refused to investigate! He failed to appear, after asking for expert opinion of evidence presented by Tran’s attorney, Ann Nguyen of Robinson and Wood. I filed complaints against Judge Grilli who granted final assets to Tran’s relative (which were not conserved) with the Commission on Judicial Performance, and the President Erica Yew recused herself because she was a Partner of Robinson and Wood, and sits on the bench with Grilli, approving final distributions of conserved assets. Robinson and Wood also represents the mortgage companies used to remove all equity from estates. Attorney John Foley was assigned special notice as conservatee’s attorney, and Michael S. Miller was used to transfer all assets to Tran, with the Public Guardian’s approval. Coincidentally, M.S. Miller lost his license to elder fraud, (assoc of Grilli’s former partner?? through Miller & Grilli???)! This proves lack of judicial oversight and possible RICO actions. Grand jury reports revealed over 70 million in unaccounted public guardian assets!!! They also investigated the coroner’s office which had 3 coroner’s quit due to corruption the year my dad was found dead in Tran’s relative’s house where they left him for 3 weeks while they finished stealing everything he ever worked for. They are organized crime! Tran has hundreds of similar transactions throughout every county in CA through Fidelity etal! William Foley is the Chairman of Fidelity (rel of John Foley?), Michael Miller has a PAC, LLC. I believe its a corrupt political funding machine!!! Manoukian was the last judge to preside in the case prior to my father’s suspicious death!!! Tran was arrested in Santa Clara and taken back to O.C. for hiring a hitman around the same time! see news report! They are organized, experienced, and believe they are above the law, because they have infiltrated and abused it for their own financial gain!!! They are all taking a piece of the pie. They have their corrupt people in place! 2 doors were kicked in and I got a call from a man names John Zimmerman (Pres. of Robinson and Woods!) after filing my complaint! My Dad’s final request for expert opinion of his case evidence will be fulfilled!

Please request a Federal Investigation, Email Raymond.Hulser@usdoj.gov
(U.S. Dept. of Justice Public Integrity Section)

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Gavin Seim says it best and talks about what millions of Americans experience in court every day. The perjury, crimes, failure to follow law and respect the constitution

how far is santa clara county california judge socrates manoukia and da james leonard willing to go to cover up murder

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