How Media Lies to the Public and Attempts to Change the Truth

los angeles california major media labels a brave mans motives as unstable yet police do unstable things all the time














Ever notice how major media is quick to take sides and judge people. You’d expect cops to do brave things but that rarely happens in today’s world. In fact those so-called brave cops are usually the first ones to pull out deadly force when there is no danger. What do you call Cleveland cops who shoot 137 rounds into a car with two unarmed people who committed no crime? Stable? If all it takes is a car to back fire you’re in the wrong job. Are we hiring cowards or unstable people and giving them deadly force?

What’s worse is how our courts and prosecutors rationalize unstable behavior and try to convince us such behavior is rational. Let face it, something is very wrong, media and government are doing all they can to cover up, manipulate and convince us police abuse, crime and murder are in fact a figment of our imagination.

A man suspected of driving under the influence smiled and waved at bystanders Friday evening as he led police on a low-speed chase in the San Fernando Valley.

About 10 police vehicles and a police helicopter followed the man as he drove slowly down Reseda Boulevard. His car, a black convertible with the top down, had large signs that said “Victory Parade” attached to the driver and passenger side doors.

The chase ended at 6:50 p.m., about an hour after it started, when a man who appeared to be a bystander strode directly in front of the car to stop it.

The convertible halted, and police pounced, arresting the driver. They also handcuffed the man who stood in front of the car.

Victory parade’ car chase ends when bystander blocks driver’s path
Man Steps in Path of Slow-Speed Pursuit, Ending Chase
L.A. bystander steps in to end car chase


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