Do Police Overreact

Do cops overreact














Maybe American’s will see that its not just “Criminals” who have terrible experiences with police and witness some cops are OUT OF CONTROL

The commission began meeting in March after being established by the Board of Supervisors to review police practices for use of force, the release of information and how officers interact with mentally ill individuals.

The county was facing increasing public outrage over how it handled information regarding the death of unarmed Springfield resident John Geer. Geer was shot and killed in August 2013 by Fairfax County Police Officer Adam Torres, however Torres’ name and details of the incident weren’t released until earlier this year.

Remarks from the public speakers followed brief reports from several subcommittees of the commission that have already held public meetings. The concerns of families coping with adult children with mental illness was a recurring theme at the forum.

Commission chairman Michael Hershman said that while the commissioners represent a great depth of experience, “We’re not the fountain of all knowledge. We want to hear from the public in Fairfax County, the concerns, recommendations you might have.”

Fairfax County: Police Commission Holds Public Forum

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