Government Approved Murder I Feared For My Life

government approved murder I feared for my life














When government stops protecting people and rationalizing murder due to bad cops who abuse their authority they’ve failed. The scam is always the same, cop with bullet proof vest, taser, mace, baton and  back up chooses death as a first resort.

The excuse is the same, “I feared for my life” or is the excuse abused because cops know all to well its a way not to be accountable? Today even video evidence is ignored or murder rationalized because cops know all too well if they claim “fear” they walk free. Lets not forget we reward bad behavior by police with paid leave.

It’s been proven time and time again that we hire some of the worst people and give them a badge, uniform and deadly force. When exposed or reported we rarely fire, prosecute or remove them from service.  We blame training, policy and the multitudes of “what if’s”. We’ve put police on a pedestal they don’t deserve and rarely earn. The terms “peace officer” and “public servant” don’t seem to apply as they once did. Police are in fact “above the law”, out of control and totally unaccountable.

Recent exposure on social media is not the cause of the distrust and outcry. It’s the vast number of victims, personal experiences, video evidence and the total failure of government to hold their own accountable. Government is profiting from death so why stop it, your tax dollars are used and abused in the process.

When unarmed people are shot to death 137 times by 13 officers who “thought” a shot was fired. Then claim they killed due to a car back firing? Only one officer faces charges and that officer is not prosecuted because the court (government) couldn’t determine which shots actually killed Russell and Williams, no one is guilty.

Now if America is really about freedom, equality and rights then why if this event were reversed and two officers were shot to death by 13 normal people would the outcome be different? In fact they’d all be sitting in jail, all forced to pay their own legal fees and not one would benefit from paid leave. Plus who would the victims be suing and who would be paying?

Remember who has to fear who? IN 2014
1100 people were killed by police SEE STATS
Approximately 60 Police were killed in the line of duty SEE STATS and below

Police Line of Duty Deaths: 133
9/11 related illness: 7
Assault: 2
Automobile accident: 26
Drowned: 2
Duty related illness: 3
Fire: 1
Gunfire: 47
Gunfire (Accidental): 2
Heart attack: 19
Motorcycle accident: 4
Struck by vehicle: 5
Vehicle pursuit: 5
Vehicular assault: 10

How can a police officer fire 15 shots into a car (reloading) with two unarmed people inside and then get acquitted after their deaths? Victims led police on a 22-mile chase, about a dozen officers fired 137 bullets into their car. None of the other officers were charged with manslaughter.

Cleveland officer acquitted after shooting unarmed couple – now what?

When you consider the recent murder of two people in Cleveland Ohio November 29, 2012 you have to really consider the lack of accountability.

49 Shots Brelo
19 Shots Moore
13 Shots Rinkus
12 Shots O’Donnell
12 Shots Sistek
9 Shots Patrick
6 Shots Ereg
4 Shots Diaz
4 Shots Demchek
4 Shots Farley
4 Shots Sabolik
2 Shots Salupo
1 Shot Box
137 Shots Fired

63 Officers get PAID LEAVE, Overreact? Out of Control?

Hundreds of thousands of tax dollars are now wasted in pay for an event that never should have taken place.  Paid leave to officers who don’t deserve one penny.  Court costs, attorney fees and huge legal settlements paid to victim families. No matter how you look at this, government is rationalizing murder, profiting from and rewarding anyone involved. Not to forget the huge salaries for riot control.

Read this story about what’s really going on in America with Police
I’m a black ex-cop, and this is the real truth about race and policing

Why no matter how much evidence and proof officers go free
Cleveland officer acquitted in killing of unarmed pair amid barrage of gunfire

Officers who use deadly force “LIE ABOUT THEIR FEAR” firing their weapons within city limits putting everyone in danger are not punished. 30 Days no pay is nothing compared to what would happen to anyone else doing the same. The double standards, above the law mentality and failure to enforce law is disgusting. Its a blatant example how law is not about justice.

When some teenagers ignored an officers demands to walk on a sidewalk he shot and killed one of them. Remember to view the video below this one with the witness statement.

Officers will always use the same excuse “I feared for my life” in order to rationalize going for deadly force and ignoring all other options

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