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Far too often in America a criminal, bully or problem person finds their way into the black robe of shame. Once on the bench a bad judge is free to commit crimes, lie, cheat and make crimes legal.

These same bad judges often use police to do their dirty work. Victims who report them are falsely jailed, terrorized and dragged into court only to have their freedom and rights violated.

Misconduct by judges, police, prosecutors is at an epidemic level.  There are thousands of cases in the United States that merit more scrutiny. Prosecutorial misconduct is an epidemic in America according to 9th Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski; trials are corrupted by Brady Violations (politically correct term for lying under oath, if you’re an officer of the court), witness tampering, and storytelling with no foundation that’s somehow admitted into evidence by the prosecutor’s rubber-stamper — also known as the judge.

Prosecutorial Misconduct

Justice and Capitalism do not mix.  Every westernized democracy in the world has figured this out except one country: America. In America, every election cycle is riddled with advertisements with politicians claiming they lock up more people than the other, and as a result, make you safer. This isn’t how the justice system was designed to operate.

Justice and Capitalism

Prosecutorial powers are burgeoning in America, where prosecutors and judges have seen their powers exponentially rising over the last few decades — especially since the early 1980’s and the advent of the fictitious “tough on crime” campaign.

It’s become so imbalanced, that they’re almost monarchs within the courtroom with little fear of reprimand for any wrongdoing whatsoever.

Prosecutorial powers

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