California State Legal Bar Put Public at Significant Risk

California State Legal Bar Put Public at Significant Risk

California State Legal Bar Put Public at Significant Risk

The old saying goes “You never put the fox in charge of the henhouse”. This is common and acceptable for all businesses and society except for lawyers and police. Thus the current outrage and corruption going on with lawyers and police in America. We’ve allowed them to have power over their own. Imagine your loved one kills someone and you’re allowed to determine a fair settlement for them? it’s that insane and you hear it all the time “We’re investigating ourselves”.  Sadly exposing their crimes and helping real victims get justice is being railroaded by the same scum which commits these crimes. These are spineless, cowards who have no integrity or morals. They’re motivated by greed and control over the public which they use to commit horrendous crimes and immoral acts. Yet federal government never steps in and puts a stop to them.

A recent state audit raises serious questions about the California state bar’s ability to protect consumers. The state bar is in charge of investigating and disciplining attorneys, but a 75-page state audit found major problems with the way the bar worked to clear a huge backlog of disciplinary cases against thousands of attorneys. The result, according to the California State Auditor’s Office’s, was “the State Bar allowed some attorneys whom it otherwise might have disciplined more severely – or even disbarred – to continue practicing law, at significant risk to the public.”

According to the audit, the backlog of disciplinary cases topped 5,174 cases in 2010, “prompting the state bar to take steps to quickly reduce it.” While the state bar managed to decrease the backlog by 66 percent within a year, the audit revealed that “speedier resolutions” came at a cost as the State Bar began issuing less severe punishments to attorneys. As a result, the Bar dismissed more cases and settled others with written reprimands that may stay hidden in a lawyer’s discipline file.

“That’s working your numbers to try and look good, even when you’re potentially hurting consumers,” said Ed Howard, an attorney with the Center for Public Interest Law, a government watchdog group that monitors state boards and agencies.

“The state bar does not do in any way shape or form, the kind of job – when it comes to disciplining lawyers – that Californians deserve and Californians expect,” said Howard, who has previously testified before the California legislature to voice his criticism of the California Bar. FULL STORY

We see how judges and police can abuse people who try and expose them such as Cary-Andrew Crittenden whose only crime was reporting crimes against a disabled woman. Crittenden exposed an even deeper problem involving a dishonorable judge named Socrates Peter Manoukian whose history shows dishonesty, crime and bribery.

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