America’s BIGGEST BUSINESS is Legal Fees and at hundreds of dollars per hour there’s more reasons to cause them, Its the bottom line

American Legal Bar killing people makes legal sense when it causes huge legal fees

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing or should it be Wolves? War for profit, anyone ever consider big business of corporations who care more about money than anything else in this world? Tanks, Bombs, Bullets in the name of freedom cost billions. Death is part of the transaction and everyday costs. As long as its not your family who cares?

Fact is money does make the World go around….

Lawyers and Judges have long allowed the legal murder of the elderly behind our backs for profit
Proof of this is overwhelming but for a start see THIS

Now think about who profits from lawsuits when people are killed and don’t fool yourself a lawyer will be standing at the victims door

Even the young are shot to death

Now think about WHO IS SERVING WHO and why the motto no longer makes sense BUT DOES IT?

WAKE UP, ITS NOT THE SHOOTING that makes sense but what happens after people are shot. Cover up, lies and then the multi million dollar legal fees…..

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