Help Stop Police from abusing their power, Demand the removal of anyone who uses force. A badge does NOT grant you the right to harm people

chicago skokie police assault woman and shatter her face for doing nothing

America are you paying attention, We’re hiring the wrong people to carry guns and have authority. Why would we allow the officer who did this to remain an employee and possibly harm children or other innocent people. As tax payers and Americans we allow the wrong people to be hired, when the commit murder or harm they’re put on paid leave and often allowed to PASS on any jail time.

Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, was arrested for DUI after officers found her pulled over at the side of the road and asleep behind the wheel.

But Feuerstein claims her civil rights were violated after she was taken to the police station.

Surveillance video portrays a calm scene as Feuerstein interacts with an officer until she says she asked to call her husband and kids.

Officer Michael Hart called her out of the cell, and less than 20 seconds later, the video shows Hart throwing the 110-pound woman back into the cell, launching her face-first into a cement bench.

The rest of the video shows two other officers assisting her as she bled on the floor.

See the revealing video HERE


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