Robbing Seniors Under the Color of Law

Robbing Seniors Under the Color of Law

Robbing Seniors Under the Color of Law
I had no idea how easily a criminal could perjure a petition forcing their own mother into a conservatorship via lies and fraud. Yet it was happening to my own mother, right before my very eyes. A judge who does nothing, ignores evidence of perjury, fraud and even stolen funds and missing bank accounts. A government issued PVP lawyer who cared nothing about her client except her legal fees. What’s worse is the victim’s estate is sucked dry by half a dozen lawyers all pretending to help the elderly. Yet they all ignore what’s really going on and continue to act like hungry vultures feasting on the defenseless, weak and vulnerable. More about me and my story can be found HERE

More about the dishonest lawyer Christopher Overgaard of Glendale California who helped a criminal create this nightmare to feed his own family and greed.

Researching conservatorship or guardianship one quickly notices it’s not an isolated event and happens in every state in America. It’s a billion dollar a year con-artist scam that involves judges, lawyers, probate investigators, government folk in general and greedy family.

“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under  cover of law,  and with the colors of justice …”   –   U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)

The name of the game is simple, find a victim whose elderly (with money), weak, defenseless and vulnerable. Use the law to pretend to protect them, then isolate, medicate and liquidate. Once the cash is gone, kick the body to the curb, destroy the evidence by drugging them to death and cremating the evidence. Remember every one of these con-artists disappears when the funds run out. They can suck  dry a life savings which would have lasted decades in a matter of months.

If you think it’s as simple as getting a lawyer and going to court with evidence and a petition you’re wrong. I spent over $180k and years of going to court only to be ignored and personally attacked. Police are lied to, who do they believe? A judge or your evidence? Fact is dishonest or ignorant judges are the heart of the problem and often rubber stamp everything the criminals request and deny everything you come up with. It becomes a game of delay, huge legal fees, fraud, manipulations and greed. Done right before you eyes. What’s worse is your loved one knows what’s going on but due to the legal system has now lost total control of their life and finances. All done under the color of law.

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