Officer Jason Harrison

Dallas police shoot to death Jason Harrison for having a screwdriver
Mental Patient Jason Harrison executed for having a Screwdriver

Dallas police released body cam footage of officers shooting and killing a mentally ill Jason Harrison holding a screwdriver, even though he was only leaning against a doorway, not even wielding it in a threatening manner.

But the cops were in fear for their lives anyway, which is why they opened fire, killing Jason Harrison, a 38-year-old man whom only seconds earlier, his mother had told police he is “bi-polar and schizo” in the hopes they would have a better understanding of the situation.

But cops kill mentally ill citizens on almost a daily basis, many times after responding to a call of a suicidal person, fulfilling that person’s wish by killing them dead on the spot.

Family Of Jason Harrison, Mentally Ill Black Man Killed By Dallas Police, Release Graphic Video

Jason Harrison’s mother had called for help to take him to a local hospital as he was in a mental crisis, suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, the Morning News reported.

In the video, Harrison’s mother opens the door to the awaiting officers and he appears behind her twiddling a screwdriver. The officers immediately demand he drop the tool and within seconds fire several shots, killing Harrison.

Harrison’s family in October filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city and the two officers, who appear in the video to be white, arguing that he did not pose a threat, according to the complaint.

Dallas Police Department spokesman Lieutenant Jose Garcia said the case was forwarded to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, the Morning News reported, adding that an attorney for the officers said they feared for their lives.

Bodycam video shows Dallas police shooting mentally ill man
Video of Deadly Dallas Police Shooting Released to Public

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