Petition Demand Criminal Charges & Arrest of Reva. G. Goetz due to Public Deception Fraud committed against Britney Spears & Victims

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<h3><strong>TAKE ACTION:</strong> Sign the Petition to (“Demand Criminal Charges &amp; Arrest of Reva. G. Goetz due to Public Deception Fraud committed against Britney Spears &amp; Victims ”) of Judge Reva G. Goetz, who is a judge for the Superior Court of Los Angeles County in Los Angeles County, California.</h3>
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<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People” </em></strong>of the State of California, are grateful for our freedoms to be secure in our homes, businesses and we support Fairness, Accountability and Transparency.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong> do NOT support Public Corruption Deceptive Fraudulent Schemes by ANY State or County employee upon ANY person regardless of one’s color,race, national origin, gender, gender identity or religion.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People” </em></strong>Citizens of the State of California, signers of this Petition <em>do SUPPORT</em> imposing <strong><u>Criminal Charges </u></strong>and the <strong><u>Arrest of Reva. G. Goetz </u></strong>due to her Public Deception Fraudulent Schemes committed against Britney Spears, Court Victims, Older Americans and the Public, <em>because Goetz, in February 2008 was NOT in fact a “Real Judge,”</em> when she approved an “Emergency Temporary Conservatorship” over Britney Spears.

Reva G. Goetz was only a mere Volunteer Attorney to the Superior Court of California – County of Los Angeles, when she issued an “Order Extending Temporary Letters of Conservatorship,” against Britney Spears February 6, 2008. The Court, County of Los Angeles failed to protect Britney and the public from believing Goetz was a judicial public officer while dressed in judicial robe and seated on a judges chair behind the bench.

<a href=””>Court documents</a> attached indicate Goetz was only a Judge Pro TEM, meaning Goetz, volunteered her time to the Court for whatever reason!<a href=””>Pro TEM Judges are NOT “Real Judges,”</a>they are only Volunteer Attorneys to the Court. More importantly, Pro TEM Judges aren’t recognized within the California Constitution, Judiciary branch of government.

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Additionally, the California Judiciary Branch of Government has not delegated judicial powers to ANY attorney who is doing community service by volunteering their time with the Court.

Reva G. Goetz, was nothing more than a private citizen doing community service by volunteering her time as attorney for whatever reason within said Superior Court of California-County of Los Angeles.

Thus, Goetz did not become a “Real Judge” until February 2010, when she was appointed by a California <a href=””>Governor appointed</a>.

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Besides Public Corruption Fraudulent schemes committed against Britney Spears, she has also suffered Human Rights Violations, because Reva G. Goetz, was not a “Real Judge,” when she placed Britney, under an “Emergency Temporary Conservatorship,” Order, back in February 6, 2008.

Keeping in mind, Britney Spears was a very well-known Celebrity Musician, who was alleged to have become mentally ill. In Dr. Spar’s declaration he said in part: “Ms. Spears does not have the ability to attend the hearing.” See Court Findings of February 6, 2008,

Celebrity Musician Britney Spears experiencing mental impairments whether acute or chronic disorders Spears was covered as a Protected Class Member, under the Americans Disability Act, (ADA). But Goetz failed to uphold Britney Spears Constitutional Equal Protections as a disabled person covered under the (ADA) Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Reva G. Goetz, aka Reva Garfunkel Goetz, was not a “Real Judge” while handling the case of Britney Spears, when Goetz imposed an illegal “Emergency Temporary Conservatorship,”scheme over Britney. Goetz even failed to uphold Britney’s entitled State and Federal Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Protections as a Disabled American Citizen,

The State of California, Superior Court of the State of California and County of Los Angeles, in collusion with Reva G. Goetz, even constitutionally interfered with Britney Spears right to procreate by stopping her from having a baby by inserting into her Vagina, involuntarily an IUD, per Britney.

Hear and listen to Britney’s persuasive and compassionate plea to the Court and Public for help to be released from Conservatorship at YouTube Link: <a href=””></a>

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Moreover, the California Constitution, does not define “Judge ProTEM’s” as a “Real Judge” and does not indicate Judge ProTems as being constitutional judicial officers.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong>Citizens of the State of California, support exposing the truth, that Reva G. Goetz, committed Fraud against Britney Spears, Court Victims, Older Americans and the Public, because Goetz, was not a 2008 “Real Judge.”

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong>Citizens of the State of California, are exposing the truth about Reva G. Goetz, because Goetz was not in fact a “Real Judge,” when she approved an Emergency Temporary Conservatorship Order February 1, 2008, against Britney Spears.

California Court “Judge Pro TEM’s” are not Real Judges because they are not elected by “We the People” or appointed by any Governor.

Reva G. Goetz, in 2008 committed “Public Corruption Deception Fraud,”against Britney Spears, Court Victims and the Public, by issuing “Emergency Temporary Conservatorship,” Order. …when Goetz was NOT a “Real Judge.”

Reva G. Goetz, Judge Pro TEM not a “Real Judge” is the proximate cause for Britney Spears losing almost fifteen (15) years of her life and Constitutional protections and rights as a disabled person behind an illegal Conservatorship induced by Goetz, against Spears with invisible bars.

Goetz,became a public safety threat against Britney Spears and the Public, because Goetz developed an illegal conservatorship scheme, having a pattern and practice of statewide systemic financial injuries against Britney Spears, Court Victims, and Older Americans,from 2008 until legitimately appointed judge 2010,by California Governor.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong> through our own discovery have found, that Reva G. Goetz, signed-off on the initial 2008 “Emergency Temporary,” Order,intentionally placing Britney Spears into a cruel and unusual <a href=””>Conservatorship,</a>which financially exploited Spears during times when Britney was mentally and financially vulnerable.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong> through our own discovery also found, that Reva G. Goetz, was NOT a “Real Judge,” pursuant to the California Constitution Article 6 (VI) Judiciary Branch of Government, because Goetz, was only a Volunteer Attorney before the Court.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People” </em></strong>Request the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles, setup a Victims Compensation Fund to Reimburse Britney Spears, years 2008-2022, because the Court and County created an appearance conflict of interest with allowing Reva G. Goetz, to wear a sacred black judicial robe thereby intentionally deceiving Britney and the public Goetz was a public judicial officer, when in fact untrue until 2010.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong> support this Petition as Court Reform Step One that the Superior Court State of California County of Los Angeles, suspend its Temporary Judge Program because Volunteer Attorneys acting in the capacities of Judge Pro TEM are not constitutionally seated “Real Judges,” in compliance with the California Constitution. Suspending the Courts Temporary Judge Program, will be in tribute to Britney Spears, Court Victims, Older Americans and the Public.

<strong>WHEREAS “We the People”</strong> Citizens of the State of California, support this Petition for the County of Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office to file a Criminal Complaint and initiate a Criminal Arrest against Reva. G. Goetz for Conservatorship Fraud and Public Deception Fraudulent schemes committed against Britney Spears, Court Victims, Older Americans and the Public by Goetz.

<strong><em>WHEREAS “We the People”</em></strong>also demand Reva G. Goetz be disciplined by the State Bar of California and her Lawyer’s license revoked (Disbarred), for all the foregoing reasons mentioned above.

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