The Next Rambo How did a self taught Eric Frein escape 1000 so called highly trained police

there would be no trouble if not for that king shit cop
The Next Rambo How did a self taught Eric Frein escape so called highly trained police. Police Report

Eric Matthew Frein (born May 3, 1983) is an American fugitive sought by federal and state authorities for alleged crimes

Survivalist plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with police as he is spotted again – but slips away – after leaving soiled diapers and Serbian cigarettes for them

Do we give police too much power? The fact is many of them have been caught lying and even committing crimes. The fact that most of them get away with murder and abuse tells the public a little about who were dealing with.

Eric Frein sightings: How ‘wilderness ninja’ has outfoxed 1,000 cops
Donations for Eric Frein Look-a-like, James Tully, reach $10,000 for a car
Inside the search area for suspected cop killer Eric Frein
Poconos resident mistaken for Frein says he was assaulted
Cops Keep Mistaking Man for Alleged Ambush Killer Eric Frein


You have to think about John Rambo when you view the following video. A man is walking down the street doing no harm. When an officer threatens him by brandishing her weapon. Ego comes to play and excuses are made but the truth is the officer is in the wrong and getting out of hand. Back up is called and responding officers side with the problematic officer.

Did survivalist cop killer deliberately target trooper because he thought officer was having affair with his brother’s wife?

New Twist in the Eric Frein Saga…Did Law Enforcement Mislead Us?

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