Are there double standards in America, you bet. Police can murder people and our government supports them

David Silva Murdred By Kern COunty Sheriff

How do you explain no less than 9 officers who beat to death an unarmed man?


Yet Bakersfield District Attorney Lisa. S. Green does nothing to enforce the evidence tampering committed by the officers who were trying to hide their crime.

Chris Silva:
My family found out some pretty tragic things that happened during the last moments of my brother’s life. Officers hide behind a code of silence in order to save their careers as well as their reputation. If one does not come forward with the truth, they are just as bad as the murderers that surround us. My best advice to anyone going through this is: DON’T BE QUIET!
To those of you who have not joined us in this fight, now is the time.
The truth is a hard thing to attain but we will get it. We will get Justice. — with Justice For David Silva

Sheriff Donny Youngblood Should be held accountable
Officers May Have Deleted Cell Phone Video Of Fatal Police Beating

Simply totally ignored facts:
Murdered by 9 Officers and 1 K9
First 7 Mins David Lay Sleeping
Officers had Time to Call Back Up
Attacked by K9, Beaten with Batons,Hog Tied, Slammed to the Ground, Smothered during Police ChaosBeaten so hard he had no pulse
Not One Officer Attempted CPR
16 Months No One Held Liable
FBI Fails to Act or Investigate

These criminals who commit these crimes go unpunished, rewarded with paid leave and some are even promoted. The fact is “JUSTICE FOR ALL” should mean something and police must be held to higher standards. There is no such thing as a justified killing in this case.

You have 9 cowards who as a gang beat a man. Then tried to cover it up, even with witness accounts and a smoking gun video tape Bakersfield District Attorney Lisa S. Green does nothing to ensure justice for the tax payer. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood should be ashamed of himself.

They’re all accessories to murder because if even one officer was honest they’d do something to expose the killers instead of protecting them with silence.

california kern county sheriff donny youngblood claims david silva beat to death an accident

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