Demand digital audio recording courts to ensure honesty and integrity

demand video and audiro recording in all court rooms to keep justice in our courts

Digital Audio Recording Courts via full Audio and Video must be implemented into every courtroom in America. It’s what is done behind chambers walls and behind locked court room doors which is destroying the American justice system. The Kids for cash Judge was just the tip of the iceberg  exposing the vast numbers of dishonesty and crime committed by our courts. An oath is no longer enough to keep judges or lawyers honest. The fact is thousands of cases are exposed every year exposing judges who are nothing more than bad lawyers who were given black robes or shame. Take a closer look at Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian whose X wife  Patricia Bamattre Manoukian is the associate Justice.

I was appalled when I stood before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Candace Joan Beason who blatently ignored the crime of perjury by Glendale California lawyer Christopher Overgaard. Overgaard had perjured a petition forcing 85 year old Gertrude Gettinger into a conservatorship to hide the embezzlement of over $200,000 from her life savings.

What was more insane is how PVP lawyer Violet Boskovich totally ignored elder abuse, fraud and perjury being committed against her own client. Why, because if exposed Boskovich would stop getting paid. This all rested on dishonest lawyers Christopher Overgaard, Violet Boskovich and Philip Barbaro Jr. who were milking up to $350 an hour for a perjured conservatorship to continue.

None of the facts mattered, lying by officers of the court went on like it was nothing. While an honest judge would have stopped the entire petition and started an investigation into the missing bank accounts, this judge did nothing.
Don’t think this can happen in America?

Don’t think a judge will ignore perjury, elder abuse, drugging, even attempted murder of a senior? READ HOW IT ALL STARTED

When a judge fails to do their job the entire system breaks down. Dishonest lawyers can make crime legal by having their actions approved “or ignored” in a court of law. This means when perjury is committed and a judge fails to act the actions of the person who committed the perjury are approved by the court. Its then called “Legal”. Judges often do this by not acting, not enforcing law and just ignoring what goes on before them.

An honest lawyer would stop right away, however greedy, dishonest lawyers go along thinking only about their hourly wage and profit. Does not matter that an innocent 85 year old senior was robbed, abused, drugged to the point of death and locked away in a nursing home to stop her from exposing the real criminal.

Its as simple as a criminal coming to court with a perjured petition and then telling the court “there is no other family to contact”. This means no one objects or has a chance to inform the court of the crimes being committed. Once the court grants the criminals the right to control the victims estate those millions of dollars are used to bribe, influence lawyers to keep things going. Destroy the character of the people exposing the real criminals, cause huge legal costs to drain the pockets of any objector.

All the while no less than 3-5 lawyers are getting rich off the savings of a, frail, defenseless,  senior. Like vultures feasting on a carcass the court and lawyers rarely to never see, speak to or contact the victim. All the want to see are their pay checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Crimes like this go on all over America everyday in every court. This is why we must make what goes on in court rooms public and digitally recorded because court reporters are under the control of judges who are not always honest.

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Without court reporters our justice system is at risk but how honest are court reporters?

Thousands of cases, victims are murdered, locked up, abused and drugged all in the name of how much money they  have. These same lawyers and judges do nothing to people who have the same problem but no money. Once they’ve sucked the victims dry, the kick the victim to the curb, homeless and alone. Proof these lawyers and judges are only doing this for profit, not the lie and claim to protect someone.

A few victims
Gisela Riordan
Diane Booth
Scotty Harris

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