The Trusted One: An Insider’s View into the Secret World of Guardianship by Annie B. Wagner

The Trusted One An Insider’s View into the Secret World of Guardianship Annie Wagner

Are you or a loved one headed for a health crisis, a loneliness crisis, or a crisis of neglect, abuse, or exploitation? In The Trusted One, author Annie B. Wagner shares her stories of her work as a professional advocate and guardian for the elderly and offers advice and guidance for those walking on that journey. Wagner tells of her positive experiences, successful guardianships, enhancing lives, and avoiding crisis. She also witnesses guardianships that did not serve the interests of people who may be incapable of handling their own affairs. She discusses the tragedies of unnecessary control over elders by the ethically remiss in society as well as the undue control of vulnerable adults by those who are charged with protecting them from neglect, abuse, and exploitation. All my clients have had to overcome a crisis. They needed an advocate. They tell their stories to help others. My clients and I also speak out for the many trustworthy guardians everywhere, who “hold space” for their clients every day and are not always well supported in this American system. We hope to help in avoiding crisis altogether, but if not, we hope to solve some worries about, “How can we know who to trust?” Annie B. Wagner

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