Shooting Pets to death is out of control in America, Judges approve Police and legalize the killings

police can legally kill your pet and get away with it even if they are wrong

No one seems to care when 13 year old children are shot to death by gun ho police, later a judge with make it totally legal. Its no longer about serving and protecting in America. We’ve allowed outside problems like the Patriot Act to remove our rights and arm police with tanks and military grade weapons. Children are shot in the back and killer cops go free.

Police always use the same excuse, “We feared for our lives”. What happened to the billions spent on non-lethal equipment like tasers, bean bag guns, batons and mace. The fact is hundreds of thousands of postal workers deal with the same dangerous dogs on a daily basis with only a can of mace.

This is what our courts, police, lawyers and judges don’t want you to know about our courts. It’s about KILLING IS OK IF WE DO IT and its against the law if you do it. Is America really the land of the free and equal?

The message Police are sending is, don’t get in our way or we’ll kill you and your pets. To make matters worse YOUR TAX DOLLARS will pay for our expensive lawyers and judges. Killer cops and government defending them with your tax dollars is a scam they don’t want you to know about. See the million dollar Kelly Thomas Murder where 6 police officers tell a homeless man they’re going to beat him to death and then do, all caught on video.

Merced Police Policy Of Taking Injured Animals To Shooting Range Comes Under Fire

Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

Police Shoot Dog, Gunshots Caught On Graphic Video

Atlanta Police Shoot Family Dog on False Alarm Call

Police Notify Family of Son’s Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog

Police shoot toothless 16-year-old family dog during no-knock raid

Stop police from getting away with murder of our pets and children

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