Do Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government LIE

police lie read teh article and expose the problem the real criminals behind the badge

Lying: The old saying used to go “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”.
The fact is lying comes in more forms than one might think. I was appalled when I found out my own sister Sylvia Schmidt and her dishonest Glendale California lawyer Christopher Overgaard perjured a petition to enslave our mother Gertrude Gettinger and steal her estate.  It was so easy and even the Judge Candace Beason who no longer is a judge in California did not care.  In fact Judge Beason was so dishonest and DIS-HONORABLE the American Bar and Judges Association should be ashamed of themselves. Its all a bunch of thieving criminals in suits and black robes. I could document, petition and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers and the judge in charge would just ignore it.

Sylvia Schmidt’s lawyer Overgaard ran and fled when we exposed the fact they perjured everything and failed to notify family. Overgaard was replaced for a $350 an hour X President of the Bar Philip Barbaro Jr. Who for $100 an hour more than Overgaard (all billed to an 90 year old victim’s estate) would attend judges dinners and weasel his way to hide elder abuse, fraud and embezzlement of over $200,000.00.

What does lying have to do with any of this? Well the fact is they all know a crime is being committed, fraud and perjury are going on. Yet not even the legal bar or the presiding judges do anything about it. See Aviva K. Bobb one of the most dishonest Los Angeles Superior Court Probate judges in decades.
She was notified about the lying and in a letter acknowledged what was going on.

She’s well documented and deep rooted within the city of Los Angeles. Her victims are many but all swept under the carpet by Los Angeles Superior Court system .There’s Lee Peters a victim of her stint in probate court. Then there’s Jeanene Bonner who was murdered due to Aviva K. Bobb’s lack of ethics and actions. Bobb was allowed to an early retirement with a huge pension and I’m sure other benefits as a result. Informed about the crimes of judges she presided over Bobb did nothing but pretend to care. In fact she was one of the key players in many cases where seniors lost everything due to dishonest probate cases.

See the City of Los Angeles is about hiding criminals just like the church that moves around pedophiles and child molesters. Bobb moved on to abuse more people in the private sector at ARC where most dishonest judges are moved.

People all over America are being victimized by liars within our government. Lawyers who have no worries about perjury and even elder abuse. Police who with evidence fail to act, protect or stop crime. Judges who are the most important part of our justice system ignoring perjury. In fact many of them do it themselves, their just slick at how they do it and avoid being caught.

So why should we bother with Police that lie when almost everyone within our Justice system lies and pretends not to…..

Be sure to read the article
Why Police Lie Under Oath

Why an oath by police, judges or lawyers means nothing to them

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