New Jersey Lawyer and Social Worker stole Millions from seniors, Typical Government FRONT

new jersey criminals barbara lieberman lawyer jan van holt social worker steal from seniors


ARE LAWYERS CRIMINALS? Many of them are, they should be ashamed of themselves, instead they hide behind lies. They help steal from seniors, disabled and even children due to GREED and selfishness. Its about their family and profit over your family and money. Its about using good laws to steal by twisting the truth and manipulating the system.

62 year old CRIMINAL, BARBARA LIEBERMAN of Northfield NJ
Atlantic County lawyer, business woman stole money from elderly, bought luxurious cars and condo READ FULL STORY

57 year old CRIMINAL, JAN VAN HOLT (Social Worker and owner of nursing home) Linwood NJ

This goes on all over America, most of the time Police, APS, the judge and government turn the other way and ignore the stealing and abuse. Such as the conservatorship which still goes on today against Gertrude Gettinger of Pasadena CA who is locked in a nursing home against her will, her estate is being liquidated by her own child (Sylvia Schmidt of San Marino CA) who perjured her petition and never informed any of the family so no one would object. With the help of dishonest Glendale CA attorney Christopher Overgaard, PVP Violet Boskovich Los Angeles and Phillip Barbaro Jr. Pasadena CA the court does nothing, and Gertrude continues to be abused, robbed and isolated from family. See more

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