Juilan Assange and WikiLeaks Takes a Stand for YOUR RIGHTS, Corruption in our Government

julian assange wiki leaks takes a stand against corruption in the us government

Some people feel Julian Assange is a traitor while others feel he’s a hero. The facts are clear, he’s not a traitor in fact he exposed murder by our military and how they cover up their crimes. How can we prosecute, punish and imprison our own citizens for crimes our government allows and at the same time lies to us about. What we’ve seen and witnessed is the power of government and the press to paint the messenger as a bad guy in efforts to stop his message.

Don’t like the message “kill the messenger” is one of the oldest tactics in the world still used today. Most of the things said about Assange are in fact lies and manipulations of government trying to turn the tables.

EXCLUSIVE interview: ‘I just don’t like lying arseholes’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange: NSA leaker is a hero

This is the video that was exposed that proved innocent people were murdered which the US government did not want the public to see. View it and ask yourself is this reasonable or MURDER. Note the children that were involved towards the end of the video. This is what your tax dollars is paying for.

Edward Snowden hailed as hero, accused of treason – as it happened

Why the world needs WikiLeaks

Now if you think this happened within our federal government you need to consider that corruption on a smaller scale has infected our court system, congress and local governments. Judges, Lawyers, Police and local Government today is infected with corruption, crime and dishonesty

julian assange wiki leaks takes a stand against corruption in the us government

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