How did Peace Officer become Judge, Jury and Executioner?

How did Peace Officer become Judge, Jury and Executioner?

What’s changed in the last decade which has caused the increase in death by Peace Officer?
Why is government not reporting the true numbers?
Why do most police officers get away with murder?
Why do District Attorney’s refuse to prosecute police?
Why are Police allowed to investigate themselves?
Why is government behind the person who kills and not the people?

2013 Killed by Police 768
2014 Killed by Police 1100
2015 Killed by Police 511 (Just 6 months)

Police will claim their job is one of the most dangerous, yet is this true?
The Deadliest Jobs in America
Fact is other jobs are far more dangerous
1. Fishers
2. Loggers
3. Aircraft pilots
4. Extraction Workers
5. Iron and Steel Workers
6. Roofers
7. Garbage collectors
8. Farmers and Ranchers
9. Driver/Sales workers and truck drivers
10. Power line installers an repairers
11. Agriculture workers
12. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs
13. Police officers

Hundreds of Police Killings Are Uncounted in Federal Stats

When 24-year-old Albert Jermaine Payton wielded a knife in front of the police in this city’s southeast corner, officers opened fire and killed him.

Yet according to national statistics intended to track police killings, Mr. Payton’s death in August 2012 never happened. It is one of hundreds of homicides by law-enforcement agencies between 2007 and 2012 that aren’t included in records kept by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A Wall Street Journal analysis of the latest data from 105 of the country’s largest police agencies found more than 550 police killings during those years were missing from the national tally or, in a few dozen cases, not attributed to the agency involved. The result: It is nearly impossible to determine how many people are killed by the police each year.

Public demands for transparency on such killings have increased since the August shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Mo. The Ferguson Police Department has reported to the FBI one justifiable homicide by police between 1976 and 2012.

Lets look at the odds, 2004 stats show 1100 people were killed by Police
2014 Police killed 134 Total
9/11 related illness: 7
Assault: 2
Automobile accident: 27
Drowned: 2
Duty related illness: 3
Fire: 1
Gunfire: 47
Gunfire (Accidental): 2
Heart attack: 19
Motorcycle accident: 4
Struck by vehicle: 5
Vehicle pursuit: 5
Vehicular assault: 10

What should be most alarming is the question “did the officer really need to shoot”? Remember we’ve allowed police to have bigger guns, guns that shoot
more rounds and military grade weapons.

Police Officer Michael Slager Shoots Man Multiple Times in Back

Murder of Ernest Duenez Jr by Manteca Police officer John Moody

Albuquerque Police New Mexico murder homeless man for camping

Death by Officer: An American Epidemic of Police Shootings and Brutality

Police Shootouts Caught On Video Compilation (Warning: Violence)

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