Hiring the wrong people as Judges, Police, Lawyers and Government may be the root to the problem in America

why do copys bully people new studies show they have mental health disorder

Bullying by bullies starts as children. We allow bullies who often are failures or
the mentally challenged to find employment where they cause bigger problems
and even death. Bullying is a huge problem in America and should be addressed.

It’s obvious when viewing video evidence of police who are bullying people. They’re demanding respect instead of earning it. Most likely as children these same cops did the bullying.

With the lowering of standards of hiring Police, the abuse, murder and crimes have increased. The public has been exposed to problem people who now are armed with high powered weapons, and authority. All over America every day thousands of people are physically and verbally attacked. Some even murdered.

View this story with included video of a bully at work. For no reason a person is thrown to the ground. Why because that bully can, plus the fact he won’t be held responsible for his lack of respect.  READ THE STORY

Research that may point to why bullies do what they do and how bullies become cops who abuse, attack and murder. MORE INFO

Why do they do it? “Its a sense of power”. MORE


Do we realize how easy we’ve made it for a problem person to get a gun? Giving them deadly force, power to abuse, beat, attack, lie and cheat and get away with it. Because they’re now the one wearing a uniform and badge. We’re told we must trust them, respect them and they’re the law when in fact they may be the violators, criminals and mentally challenged. They are often believed over the public in our courts. Why are we sometimes polygraphed and rarely are they?
Just what are the requirements:  READ MORE

why do copys bully people new studies show they have mental health disorder

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