Guardianship Reality: Who’s Looking Out for America’s Abandoned, Abused, Neglected Children & Elderly? By Robert Fertig

Guardianship Reality Whos Looking Out for Americas Abandoned, Abused Neglected Children & Elderly Robert Fertig


The court orders Professional Guardians to make critical decisions; this pragmatic guide explains how to make those decisions. It guides the reader through the process of making bio-ethical healthcare, ethical social and welfare choices, and how to prudently manage client assets, while avoiding conflicts of interest.
Responsibility for making life-and-death decisions for children and the elderly is much more difficult than making individual decisions for oneself.

Nationally, 3.6 million referrals are made to Child Protection Investigators, involving 6.6 million children annually. The U.S. happens to be the worst among developed industrial nations, losing 4-to-7 children every day to parental abuse and neglect.

Florida is the nation’s grayest state. Nearly 25% of the Sunshine state’s population are seniors. They should be the nation’s leader in Eldercare and Childcare laws, standards, and support systems. Are they?

There are many sensationalistic stories about guardianship exploitation and fraud. Guardianship Reality provides a “balanced view” by two authors who have handled dozens of complex cases annually. The facts are that guardianship is a very honorable profession dedicated to the Best Interests of Children and the Elderly.
Innuendo, accusations, and deceitful news is not limited merely to politics. Co-author, Fernando Gutierrez, has been accused of “exploitation,” weeks before this book was published. “The Truth Shall Set You Free!”

“If you’re not accused of something, you’re probably not doing your job.” Authors

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