Demand Respect and Accountability by Police who are nothing more than Out of Control Public Servants

cops investigating cops is like criminals investigating criminals police have no respect for the public law or rights aaron

Hold police accountable. All over America people have lost respect for Police and Government. Judges and lawyers fail to obey their oath and abide to law and or constitutional rights. Twisting the facts and changing the spirit of a law in favor of greed or control is the root of the problem. Police fail to protect the tax payer instead they protect criminals who found their way into a uniform.

When good cops do nothing to protect the public from bad cops they’re just as bad. We’ve hired the wrong people and given them deadly force and authority. What’s worse is we make it impossible to hold them accountable. Oaths are a joke, lets face it not even judges abide by them. We must hold them each personally accountable and responsible for their actions.

The start is civilian review boards that have nothing to do with the agency they
rule over. They must be objective and un-biased to ensure bad cops are permanently removed from society and our streets. Just as we remove criminals who endanger the public. Hold police accountable

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