COURT SYSTEM is based on Profit NOT Justice. Lawyers have manipulated our system

CorruptCOURTSAMERICANS, Our justice system HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A BUSINESS. Its no longer about JUSTICE. Its about the creation (even if fraud) of legal fees. Lawyers all over the US charge from $200-$700 an hour. They’ve changed our legal system to increase profit by FORCING us to use their services. Our prisons are BIG BUSINESS and are paid by how many people they house. They offer KICK BACKS to lawyers and judges when victims are sent to prison. SAME AS THE JUDGE who sent children to jail for profit. However judges are doing this to innocent fathers (legal extortion to make them pay huge fees they can’t). The concept we must understand is INNOCENT people are being sent to prison because once in the system, those involved PROFIT. Prisons are run by BIG CORPORATIONS, they bill Tax payers by each person put in prison (NOT based on innocence or guilt). Lawyers (Public Defenders) profit MORE when sending their clients to prison. Even if innocent people can’t afford a trial when innocent. WAKE UP


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