Accessory after the fact, Police, Judges, District Attorney, Prosecutor, Mayor, Unions and Governors help criminals

the real criminals help bad cops get away with crime they are accessories to the crime

Accessory after the fact, Police, Judges, District Attorney, Prosecutor, Mayor, Unions and Governors help criminals

Ever notice how some people get long prison terms for minor crimes while some killers get no prison time at all? How can two police officers who were caught on video and audio beating to death an unarmed, disabled person who was no threat to them? Fact is most of the time killer cops never spend one day in jail.

Definition of Accessory After The Fact?
Every person who, after a felony has been committed, harbors, conceals or aids a principal in such felony, with the intent that said principal may avoid or escape from arrest, trial, conviction or punishment, having knowledge that said principal has committed such felony or has been charged with such felony or convicted thereof, is an accessory after the fact to such felony.

The California Penal Code defines accessory after the fact as any person who helps a principal felon avoid, or escape the following set of four actions:

  • Arrest,
  • Trial,
  • Conviction, or
  • punishment after the felony has been committed.

For example, if your friend has committed a burglary and you sheltered him in your garage to help him avoid the police, you would be charged with being an accessory after the fact.


Kelly Thomas is a perfect example of the problem

“I’m just horrified. They got away with murdering my son,” Cathy Thomas, the victim’s mother, told reporters after the verdict was read.

The victim’s father, Ron Thomas, said that everyone now needs to be afraid.

“This is carte blanche to police officers to do whatever they want,” he told reporters.

Uniformed killers walk free after beating and tasing unarmed homeless man to death
Cops acquitted in beating death of homeless man in California
Kelly Thomas Trial Former cops found not guilty in beating case
Ex-cop acquitted of killing homeless man chased out of restaurant by angry residents

With over 900 people killed by police in 2015 as of today and 1108 Killed in 2014
how many of these officers are getting away with murder? Ask the families, view the audio and video evidence of police killing unarmed, innocent people. Officers who commonly abuse the “I feared for my life” excuse.  Police departments all over America who investigate themselves and always seem to find their killer cops “Justified”. Fact is everyone else who commits similar crimes is polygraphed, jailed, not allowed time to make up a story, not given administration leave pay, no tax payer paid legal representation and no huge tax payer pockets for settlements.

Tax payers are murdered and then tax payers are forced to pay.

No accountability, personal liability, transparency and too many benefits and rewards for committing an obvious wrong. Murder

It’s all about protecting that officer, getting him back out on the streets, delays and destroying the character of the victim to rationalize the crime or killing.

Think what happened to Kelly Thomas is only one incident? Think again and see just a small percentage of other cases where cops walked free

Ernest Duenez Jr. by Manteca CA PD
Manteca Police Officer John Moody Fatally shoots man to death – Unloads 14 rounds

David Silva Jr. Bakersfield CA
The Cowboy Cops of Kern County, California, and the Not-So-Accidental Death of David Silva

Allan ‘AJ’ DeVillena II Palm Springs CA
Palm Springs cops Mike Heron and Chad Nordman open fire and murder an innocent and unarmed U.S. Marine Veteran

Alex Nieto San Francisco CA
Killed by the SFPD on March 21, 2014

Erik Scott Las Vegas NV
might be alive today if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers had been required to wear body cameras in the summer of 2010, when Erik was shot to death. Officer William Mosher

Stewart Pepper Washington County TN
Justice for the wrongful Death of Stewart Peppers

Samantha Ramsey  Kentucky
Was a 19-year-old preschool teacher from Kentucky who was killed on April 26 last year when a sheriff’s deputy, Tyler Brockman

Andy Lopez Sonoma County CA
No Charges in Shooting of 13-Year-Old Andy Lopez By Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy

Kristiana Coignard Longview TX
No Charges Against Cops That Killed 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard

Antonio Lopez Guzman San Jose CA

Man Killed By SJSU Police Was Shot Twice in The Back: Medical Examiner

Jorge Ramirez Bakersfield CA
Was shot and killed by Bakersfield Police Department he was shot a dozen of times and once in his face

Jessica Hernandez Denver CO
Shooting death by Denver cops is homicide: coroner 

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