Officer Mohamed Noor

minneapolis police officer cowardly executed justine damond then claimed he was startled and delayed his statement

Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Executed Justine Damond
Mohamed Noor, the on-duty Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot an Australian-born woman on Saturday night, had been with the force for two years and was his precinct’s first Somali-American officer. What makes this what makes this killing different and needs to be looked at is “What Happens When The Races Are Reversed In A Police Shooting“.

The spreading of lies and mis-information by police who are in fact “ABOVE THE LAW” is the other problem
Read about the gutless tactics by police who will do anything to protecte their own 

On Tuesday night, state investigators released the first timeline of events after interviewing Officer Matthew Harrity, who was riding with Noor when the shooting took place.

Here’s what we know so far about Noor, and about what happened that night.

The incident
The two officers responded to a 911 call Saturday night from Justine Ruszczyk just after 11:30 p.m., according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), which is investigating the case.

She had reported a possible assault in an alley near the Minneapolis home where she lived with her fiancé.

Investigators say Harrity was driving and Noor was in the passenger seat as they drove through the alley in search of a suspect. Their squad lights were off, the BCA said in a summary of its preliminary investigation.

Harrity told investigators he was startled by a loud sound near the car, followed by Ruszczyk’s appearance at the driver’s side window.

As Ruszczyk approached the vehicle, Noor fired his weapon through the driver’s side window and hit her. She died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave while the BCA investigates the shooting.

Noor has declined to be interviewed by agents at this time, the BCA said. Noor’s attorney did not clarify if or when an interview would be possible.

5 Facts you need to know about Officer Mohamed Noor:
1. Noor Shot a Pajama-Clad Damond Through the Window of a Police Cruiser, Reports Allege & Came to the U.S. at a Young Age
2. The Mayor Recognized Noor’s Arrival on the Force, Where He Became the First Somali Officer in His Precinct
3. Damond Was Engaged to Be Married & Gave Meditation Seminars
4. Noor Has Degrees In Business & Economics but Is the Subject of a Pending Federal Complaint
5. Noor Is on Administrative Leave While the Shooting Is Investigated & Recently Named in a Divorce Filing

People need to dig deeper at what is going on in America today. Follow the money and who writes the laws that allow these Killer Cops to continue killing. Officer Mohamed Noor is only one of thousands of killed by Police that happen each year in America. No one seems to care it’s far too easy to get hired and get authority over the public plus be granted the privaledge to a license to kill. Our legal system profits billions due to the heart ache, damages and death. Why change it, for attornies who rule the legal system every death is like winning the lottery.

A system based on Profit not justice, rights or protecting the public
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Policing and Profit

Lets not forget that police get less training than a barber does in some US states. Compare the problems police cause when looking at other countries like Germany where none of this happens and its obvious life is more important.

We’re giving deadly force to people who don’t have the training or mentality to use it
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Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor Who Shot Woman ID’d

Police corruption exposed in cover up of Australian Justine Damond shooting with audio

Minnesota Police Officer Mohamed Noor who Shoot Australian Woman declined to be interviewed – Press Briefing

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